Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday's Question

I thought I would ask a question every Sunday and get some feedback from my readers about their lives. My first question is in honor of Independence Day.

Did you put a flag out in front of your home this 4th of July? If so, why? If not, why not?

I can't help but notice how many more flags were proudly flying on my street this year as opposed to the prior year when I was still living in my home in West Sacramento. I pondered why this was the case and came to two conclusions. #1 Vacaville is right next to Travis Air Force base so I think our military support and involvement is much higher here. This in turn naturally leads to more patriotism. #2 My old neighborhood was predominantly Russian and maybe they weren't feeling super patriotic or aware of all of the US traditions. One would think that those who left their country in search of opportunity would celebrate their new nation but this was not the case in my neighborhood.

We proudly flew our flag this 4th even though I am truly unhappy with so much in our country right now. I flew our flag because I am proud to be an American, proud of what this nation was built on, and support our troops in a war that I just wish would end already.

For those of you who don't know how to post on blogs (aka my family) just go down to the end of the post (first click on the link in your email if you subscribe) and click on the blue word that says "comments". Then scroll down until you get to a space where you can type your comment and push submit. I know you can do this Waffle Clan! The rest of you are probably pretty capable as well. Please don't be afraid to say you were too lazy to fly your flag or that you don't own one. I have been there myself in some years past. I look forward to hearing from you all!


debi9kids said...

Of course my flag was waving on the fourth. Actually, we put it out EVERY day. (something that used to make Nanny Deb laugh as NOONE in England has flags. She had thought it was a myth until she came to stay with us. LOL)

ps What does it mean when my Word Verification is " G Pappy" ? I think it sounds like a cool street name. LOL

Anonymous said...

You know we flew our flag on the fourth!! Being from a military family it's not only Patriotism but also respect for our men and women who ARE and HAVE served this wonderful nation. Sad to say that only a few houses on my block had the Stars and Stripes flying..

Tabbatha said...

We dont own a flag but it doesnt mean we think any less of those who have fought for our country. But we also live in an area that plays spanish music during the fireworks show *shrugs*.

Terri said...

Sadly, this is the first year we did NOT fly our flag. No real reason other than we were heading out of town. I feel EXTREMELY guilty for not!

Tonya Staab said...

We don't fly flags at all at our house. In Australia NOBODY flies flags and I was absolutely amazed at how so many people over here do .. and not just country flags either, flags for every occasion LOL.

We do have 3 flags here but they are awaiting flag boxes to put in the kids bedrooms after Randy flew them on his last deployment.

Jane said...

We didn't, because we don't have a flag holder! Wah! Plus, we weren't here. :) Loved your 6th of july recap.