Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day, Double the Adventure style

I didn't have the typical Mother's Day. Of course I am not the typical mom. I am not a champagne and chocolates kind of girl. And my dear, sweet husband knows this. So what did he get me for Mother's Day?

May 2009 157


That's right folks. A dozen roses, a 12 pack of beer and some Jelly Bellys (which have most recently been used as my main motivator to get Mari to go pee pee in the potty). Yes, I know some women would smack their husbands upside the head if this was what they woke up to on Mother's Day but it was right up my alley. Then Paul got to work making me a nice bacon themed breakfast. Since I can't remember the last time Paul cooked anything besides grilled cheese I felt this deserved a picture as well. So I give you Paul with his signature cheese ball thumbs up cooking breakfast:

May 2009 158

Then in typical Mother's Day fashion the kids got hopped up on powdered donuts and fought over a stuffed elephant.

May 2009 162

My mom and brother came over and we headed out for a picnic in the park and a nice hike in O'Neill Regional Park. Mari even went on the big girl swings all by herself for the first time.

May 2009

May 20091

We closed the day with some yummy Italian food my brother brought back from a restaurant. I stuffed myself with carbs until I could barely budge, watched some tv, and called it a night. Good times. Good times.


Helene said...

Now that's what I call the ultimate Mother's Day!! I love that your husband knew exactly what you would love for your special day!!

Glad you all had fun!! I love the pic of him cooking you husband woulda burned the house down. My pic of him would've been of him calling 911 to report a "house on fire".

Jess said...

Looked like a good day!! I spent the day driving to Elko, NV, not a card or flower in sight...

Carolina said...

What a perfect day, and that's a great present, very thoughtful :) of him.

debi9kids said...

LOL LOVE Paul's cheeseball thumbs up! haha
Also, have to say, I think the gift you received was PERFECT! Up my alley too :)

ps I can't get over mari on the big girl swing! WOW!

BenLand said...

beer and that's what i'm talkin' about....

love the pics :)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

great post,,,,, Great mothers day!

familyadventureguidebooks said...

Sounds like you had quite the adventure. Hubbie and the kids cooked breakfast at my house to. Delicious!