Monday, August 10, 2009

Huntington State Beach

As many of you know, the California's State Parks are in serious trouble due to budget cuts. In an attempt to bring attention to all the wonderful state parks California has to offer, I am participating in State Park Saturdays. I will be featuring a different CA State Park every Saturday (unless I have a Saturday like I did this past Saturday. Then it will be State Park Monday...) . If you don't live in CA then feature a state park in your home state. Let's bring attention to these treasures to increase awareness of what the state park system has to offer and encourage others to stand up and help protect these important places .


Its the quintessential Southern California beach. Wide sprawls of sand filled with umbrellas, mats, and families. Tourists on bicycles they rented at the stand next to the shack that serves hamburgers and shakes. Street performers gathering money from eager audience members to see if he will clear the jump over all those people (he will). Fishermen casting lines off of the pier hoping they will have something to bring home for dinner. Surfers crowding the area with the best break while onlookers wonder how a kid can make something so hard look so easy. Its Surf City just as Jan and Dean sang about it back in 1963. Well, almost.

 Eric's pictures Huntington Beach3



Eric's pictures Huntington Beach1 



Eric's pictures Huntington Beach2





Thanks to Erik for taking some great pictures during our recent trip to Huntington Beach and welcome to the family!    


BenLand said...

your pictures are always sooo beautiful!!

you're so inspiring...please keep blogging...i always look forward to your posts :)

Carolina said...

So we made a pit stop at Huntington Beach while on our road trip last month, and I love, love, love the snack shop because they had frozen chocolate covered bananas. The girl asks me, do you want sprinkles or nuts? I'm like, you really cover them on the spot? It's so southern California and I love it.

Helene said...

I just love love love your pictures!!! It always looks like you and the kiddos are having such a great time!

We visited Huntington Beach last time we were in Southern CA and we loved it! In fact, that was the first time Cole and Bella had been to a beach and we could hardly get them out of the surf, even though the water was freezing!!!

Lorraine Akemann said...

These are fun, fantastic photographs. I spent my childhood summers at Santa Monica and Venice Beaches in southern California. It was a great childhood, all we needed was the sand and the waves. I long for those summers back, now I'm a mom, to plop a towel down and let the kids be kids.