Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Blog is Carbon Neutral


My blog expends carbon dioxide. I had never really thought about it before. I figured I was making an eco-conscious decision by using the internet instead of paper (wouldn’t you all just LOVE me snail mailing you all my posts?) but every visit to my blog results in carbon emissions. Luckily, KaufDA neutralized my blog’s carbon emissions by planting a tree specifically for Double the Adventure. They will neutralize your blog’s emissions too. Here is how:

KaufDA is planting trees in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest in Northern California for our project to neutralize the carbon footprint of blogs. Thousands of wildfires burned down many national forests over the past ten years and 88.000 acres of Plumas' were destroyed by two fires in 2007.  For every blog participating in their program, they plant a tree. One blog - one tree. Click here to pick up your carbon neutral button and get all the details on participation.

Why are they doing this?  KaufDA provides advertisement brochures of local stores online to help consumers search for specific products and find good deals in their neighborhood. This reduces the amount of brochures printed and  helps the environment by reducing unnecessary paper in mailboxes. Did you know on average Americans receive 41 pounds of junk mail per year (I think I receive more than average and it bugs me to no end!). This has the same carbon footprint as burning six gallons of gasoline. Its completely wasteful and unnecessary and has to stop. Any company who is in the business of finding a solution to this problem is fine by me.

Please take a couple minutes and make your carbon neutral. A little tree in Northern California thanks you.


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