Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sealife Aquarium

They are the most feared creatures of the deep. While they are sleek predators with mouths full of forever regenerating teeth, they are also some of the most misunderstood creatures in the ocean. Most sharks pose no threat to humans, but “Jaws” has left so many of us with a tremendous fear of a giant carnivorous fish slinking beneath us as we swim. At Sealife Aquarium (on the LEGOLAND California Resort property), they are helping to dispel some of those myths and educate families on the many wonders of the deep.

Recently, Mari and I were invited to spend the morning at Sealife Aquarium and get a look at some of the new shows that have recently debuted. As we walked through the aquarium and over to the Lost City of Atlantis where the Daily Dive was held, Mari peered in at fish, seahorses, and rays through kid sized peep holes. Its details like height appropriate viewing areas which make educating children about our oceans that much more practical. When children can explore things at their level, they are much more likely to absorb what’s going on around them.

April 20105

The Daily Dive was a great way for kids to be able to ask questions about sharks, sea life, and marine biology to an actual diver inside the tank with the sharks. The newest star of the Lost City of Atlantis tank is a hammerhead shark. Little ones inquisitively asked why the hammerheads eyes were so far apart (so he can see all around him) and what types of food these unusual creatures ate. There were also silly question such as “Can you eat underwater?” (the surprising answer was yes!) and if sharks liked pizza (which I think would depend on the shark.), but the point was that children were actively engaged in being educated and they were having too much fun to notice it!

The next show we watched was the Shark Talk puppet show. It was a April 20106 comical talk show involving a octopus interviewing a hammerhead shark. It was geared towards younger children but I certainly saw older kids with smiles on their faces. Mari was enthralled throughout the show and I have to admit, I was pretty entertained as well. There was just enough adult friendly humor thrown in there to keep things interesting.

With all this shark talk I do want to let you know that there is more to Sea Life Aquarium than just sharks. The California Coast exhibit demonstrates the ebb and flow of tidal life.  Ray Lagoon is a wonderful place to check out those ever smiling flat fish. The Kingdom of the Seahorse with especially popular with Mari who holds a soft spot in her heart for those delicate little creatures. And of course no self respecting aquarium is complete without a touch pool. Luckily, Sea Life Aquarium has two.


In honor of last week’s Earth Day festivities, here are nine great tips on how you and your family can help save our seas. The people at Sealife Aquarium gave to me on a Grow a Note; a note card with wildflowers seeds in the paper that you can plant!

1. Ban the Bag- Bring your own bag to carry your things.

2. Scoop the Poop- Clean up after your pet.

3. Pick Up Three- Pick up three pieces of trash (that you didn’t create) per day.

4. Shorten the Shower- Make a game out of taking shorter showers.

5. Turn the Tap- Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth.

6. Keep it Real- Limit your use of disposable cups, plates, and utensils.

7. Trash to Treasure- Find new uses for old things.

8. Limit the Landfills- Put recyclable items in the right bin.

9. Spread the Word- Tell a friend how they can help.


Helene said...

We're planning our trip down to LA in September and this is one of the places we're considering. You've just sold me on it...2 of my boys are so into sharks!! They'd love it! And Bella and I love seahorses!

Last time we were down South we went to the aquarium in Long Beach and they would not leave the shark touch pool that was outdoors.

Debi said...

I visited here by default back in January (Legoland was closed -- who knew?!) with the 5 yo. He enjoyed himself, but I wish the younger guy had been with us. Great aquarium for toddlers!

Mommy Loves Coffee said...

Great post! It was a great day, wasn't it?

debi9kids said...

Great post Shar! So much information and looks like another awesome learning experience for Mari.

She is going to be the most informed kid in her kindergarten class when she starts :)

??? said...

It sounds like you had fun :)
I've said it before: touch pools - why don't have German aquariums any? I enjoy them (although I'm about 25 years older than the target audience, but who cares)

Carolina said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the aquarium. It is definitely a kid's aquarium with all the interactive stuff. I'd like to see those shows.

Argentina Travel said...

ohh its really good post, i will certainly go t this place...