Friday, July 30, 2010

A Carnival of Gluttony at the OC Fair

I will openly admit that I love bacon.  Honestly, what’s not to love about the salty, crispy goodness that is fried pork?  But, as with most things divine, moderation is key unless a future in XXXL pants is desired. Its no secret that America is fat. The fattest city in the US 20 years ago has the same percentage of obese people as the slimmest city does today!  That statistic is disturbing. What has happened to our culture? When did this become okay? I will tell you when it became okay- around the same time that people decided it was appropriate to line up for this:

July 20103

If we only enjoyed deep fried treats once a year at the fair, this wouldn’t be such a huge deal (though I honestly can’t imagine a situation when deep fried butter would be acceptable), but we live in a world where people have their own deep fryers at home! 

And for crying out loud, why on earth would anyone even want to eat this?

July 20104


Now I am not going to pretend like I never go to Mc Donald’s or that I don’t let my kids have a corn dog when they go to the fair. 

July 20105

But I also feel like my decision to make a small garden in the backyard so my kids are familiar with more than corn and green beans, along with my pursuit of outdoor activity with my children, help counter act any of the occasional food splurges they might have.

How do I know this is working?  Well for one thing my three year olds can actually identify most of the crops growing in the Centennial Garden.  Considering the tiny number of fruits and veggies  the average first grader in this country can identify, I think we are on the right track. I also know that when my daughter chooses roasted corn over every other food item at the fair, I am teaching her good habits.

July 20106

Look- I am not saying that kids shouldn’t have a treat at the fair. By all means, indulge. But what I am saying is that we are shaping the next generation’s minds, bodies, and attitudes and if we choose to make things like deep fried butter a part of our culture, we are heading in the wrong direction. I refuse to let my kids be another statistic.  They aren’t going to sit inside all day playing video games while eating processed food. It isn’t okay.  The stats have to be reversed.  We as parents need to be more responsible for the health of our children.  And the fair should be more about this:

July 20107

And less about this:

July 20108

Okay. I am stepping off the soapbox for today….

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Fatty Patty said...

Notice that at he Fair, situated near the deep-fried goodies, is the Centennial Farm, a 4 acre working farm that offers agricultural programs for children year-round. The annual Fair can be both about teaching about agriculture and healthy eating and also offer the occasional splurge. Not to mention, no one is forcing anyone to eat deep fried butter. What fun would it be if the Fair boasted that this year, they sell SALAD! All in moderation. And why would anyone eat a krispy kreme chicken sandwich? Cause it is probably delicious. That is all.

Sharlene said...

Patty- I think you pretty much missed the entire point of my post. I repeatedly said that the ocassional splurge on something deep fried was acceptable. I also mentioned the Centennial Farm. But I think its pretty obvious that this country has some problems with the whoel "moderation" concept. Take a look at our obesity stats. And honestly, why can't salad be fun? Maybe if we changed our attitudes about food we would have such a health crisis going on.

Mr. McCoy said...

Way to say it like it is Sharlene! I think we all need a bit of a shake up when we think about what food we normal eat like lots of fast food and sugar. And we need to be encouraged to really teach our kids about healthy food and to enjoy it with them.

Colleen at Travel Mamas said...

I tried the deep fried butter at the San Diego County Fair (my husband's idea). It was actually WORSE than it sounds, if that's possible.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

I couldnt agree more Shar, i have been fat all my live and have been strugling with it always, i have such a bad sweet tooth, but we only eat healthy at home, Santis does get his treats, but he know what is good for the body.

debi9kids said...

OH.MY.GOD. Who would want chicken on a donut???? Ewwww.... just plain old ewwwww... (I find Krispie Kreme revolting anyway)
I will say, when Terri & I went to that flea market thing in NYC they had corn and veggie kabobs. No fried butter. (again, ewwww...)

Agree with you. America is FAT and it's our own faults.

Denise said...

So true Shar. It is disgusting to think about what our nation has become. It all starts with parents. I know my kids will in the grocery story "chippies give you flabbies" I know they are on the right track. Great post.

Lora (Tripping with Kids) said...

Ata girl for getting your kids to like and choose veggies. The exposure to garden treats I'm sure has helped.

BenLand said...

i totally agree...i get crap from people because i won't let my kids have SODA!!!????
oh well...i know it's the right thing to do......
great pictures of your usual :)

cat said...

I am one of those terrible moms that cook old fashioned food and lots of veggies. So, here goes - I am with you!

Helene said...

Eeeeew, who would want to eat a deep fried chicken sandwich on a donut??? That's just gross.

I do have to admit I let the kids share a deep fried oreo at the state fair and funny thing none of them liked it. After a couple bites they said it was gross and too sweet. They, too, loved the roasted corn, as well as the soft chicken tacos.

I think having a veggie/fruit garden has been such a wonderful experience for my kids!

Helene said...

Oh and I'm working on a post for you about Tahoe!!!!

arrowssentforth said...

I couldn't agree more with your post. I'm all about the occassional treat. But there's a reason they are called 'treats.'

I love the Indiana State Fair, but I feel it earns most of its publicity for trying to out-do itself each year with the latest deep fried concoction. Now going to the fair has become more about what you ate there than what you did/saw. Kind of a shame.