Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday's Child is Full of Strength


It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce my dear friend JK's daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma on Monday. Words do not express the pain and sorrow that I have for this family. But above all that pain I am trying to focus on strength, prayer, and positive thinking. I want to help make Tuesday's fight as easy on the family as possible. My friends and I are working on fundraising to reduce the financial hardship on her family. I also plan on going out to help relieve her family (we live hundreds of miles apart) for a few days and doing whatever I can to make life a tiny bit easier. If you would like to donate to Tuesday's fund I have an icon above and also on the right to click on. It will go directly into an account that JK has access to so she can pull out money for whatever she needs.

I have known JK since we were both pregnant with twins. We grew especially close and talk to each other all the time. I consider her one of my best friends. I have never met anyone who I have had so much in common with. She gave birth to twin daughters one month after mine were born. She already had 2 other sons so life was amazingly hectic to say the least. But she survived with such grace and humor which makes me feel confident she can handle anything life throws at her. Tuesday and her sister are such adorable little girls. Full of their mother's spunk and topped with the cutest curls on their heads. I could never tell them apart in their pictures even though they weren't identical. They looked so much alike! Then a couple weeks ago Tuesday seemed to start getting lighter. She was losing weight and getting tired easily. JK took her in to the dr and they said her iron was low and sent her home with some iron supplements. No biggie. JK has had iron issues in the past herself so we just figured she would give her some iron and that would be that. We joked about how it made her teeth look black and laughed at the thought of her having some super dark poop. Oh how I wish that was the end of the story. Sadly, we all know it wasn't. Tuesday got weaker and after a couple days went back to the dr for a checkup. Her iron levels were dropping dangerously low even with the supplements. After 2 1/2 hours of drs coming in and out and whispering in the hall they sent her to the hospital. JK called me on the way, terrified and tear filled. I tried my best to tell her not to worry but I think we both knew to start worrying. The next couple days were like a nightmare. Every update got worse. White blood cells at 300 (normal is between 4500 and 10000), enlarged spleen,liver, and heart, red blood cells being attacked by her own body. And then finally the news I will never be able to shake from my mind, Stage 4 Cancer. I felt like it was a dream. A sick and horrible dream. Thank God my SIL was standing right next to me to help me to the couch because I was in such shock couldn't stop shaking. I gathered some composure and called my dear friend JK. She was so calm when she spoke. She had already been drained of so much emotion and was trying to keep calm so Tuesday would fall asleep. I got the rundown. 6 rounds of chemo followed by 6 rounds of stem cell transplantation. Mainline being installed. Bone marrow taken. Tumor Biopsied. It was going to be a long week and even longer year. I didn't want to know the chances, I just wanted to know there is a chance. There is. So with that I am focusing on her being the part of the percentage who beats this. She is her mother's daughter and full of the same spunk and strength. She WILL beat this with all of our prayers and support. I have to have faith that she will. Her family needs us all to have faith that she will.


Dawn Johnson Warren said...

My prayers are with you, Tuesday.

Thanks for including the picture at the bottom, melted my heart!

Carolyn Wing said...

I am praying and praying. My granddaughter has Neuroblastoma Stage IV. Hugs and prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB

Bre said...

Thank you for writing this Shar. I can't seem to put anything together since hearing about Lil' Miss Tuesday. When you do go out there please wrap your arms around JK and Tuesday for me and hold them as tightly as you can. I love you girls so much.

Susan said...

I just want to post two very good resources for your friend from someone who knows.

The first site is for parents of newly diagnosed kids

The second is a mailing list of hundreds of parents with children with neuroblastoma

I will pray for Tuesday.

mames said...
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mames said...

sorry i deleted the comment. i was saying that i was sent by the wrong person....i just read about you from dawn and now i have tuesday in my heart and i am praying for that little one, praying with every fiber of my being. it is hard to imagine as a mama of twins myself, but i know it fosters such strength in us so sending love to you and her and strength to forge ahead.

Unknown said...

Oh Sweet baby Tuesday and family, our prayers are flooding the gates of Heaven!!

L I S A said...

Thanks Shar for giving us the run down. For some reason, I was better able to comprehend what you said than what I heard earlier.

Tuesday will get better and we'll all plan a road trip to party in her honor!

Dave and Jenn said...

Such a beautiful post Shar...thanks for writing it all down.
I agree with Lisa...we WILL be planning a road trip to celebrate Miss Tuesday's remission in the not-so-distant future.
She is her mother's daughter and that right there gives her a leg up in her fight.
Hugs and prayers to Tuesday always.
Jenn, Livi and Paige

Anonymous said...

My prayers will be constant for their family. I met a family going through the same thing while our daughter was receiving a transplant. If the family is open to it, I would like to introduce them. Maybe it will help to have an insiders prospective as well as the hope that their little girl can be a cancer survivor as my friend is. May God's grace be with little miss Tuesday. my email address is

debi9kids said...

This was just beautiful & heartbreaking.
I just know Tuesday can beat this!

Christy said...

as always... beautifully written shar! Even though I had heard the details before... no one can word them the way you do...
still praying for Tuesday!

Unknown said...

What a friend you are to JK, dear Shar. She's going to benefit so much from your strength and positive outlook. Thanks for writing about Tuesday in the way you did. --Kristy

MamaBriggs said...

You explained this all so well. I have been trying for days to do a summary post with no luck. Can I link back to your blog?

Anonymous said...

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