Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Discovery Science Center

I have been a Bank of America client since the early 80s. Back then my mom set up a savings account for me and my birthday money slowly accumulated in that account until I blew it all my first year of college (damn you beer!) Well all my years as a loyal BofA customer are finally paying off. Finally something free! Bank of America has a program called Museums on Us which gets you in to museums for free just by showing your Bank of America card at  the ticket window on specified days of the month. There are museums from California to Maine participating in this promotion. One of the museums in our area participating is the Discovery Science Center. It is located only a couple miles from Disneyland and its a great place to take kids to learn about science and have lots of fun in the process.

The museum has many of great exhibits such as the hurricane wind tunnel, a stream where kids can build levees or form lakes using sand (or throw the sand into the water no matter how many times you tell them not to...), and a rock wall.

April 20097

Where else can you lie on a bed of nails?

April 20098

Here is what Paul looks like pushed into the pinwall. Pretty creepy but oh so fun to do.

April 20099

And don't get me started on all the ball exhibits. Too late. You already did. There is a place where kids can put balls into a thing that lets them spin down, down, down, into a hole. My kids could have done this all day. While they did this we checked out the air and space exhibits. Then we literally dragged Ben from the spinning ball vortex of fun, kicking and screaming. The fit lasted for quite some time. Yep. If you were there on Saturday he was the kid on the floor screaming. You know. The one who's parents stuck him in front of the Zamboni because they wanted to get a picture of what looked like him about to get run over. Yeah. That kid.

April 200910

Have no fear. The were more balls to eventually bring the boy out of his fit. From the Science of Hockey Exhibit (yes, I know its technically a puck. But to a two year old, round is round) to testing the speed of your pitching arm to creating a track on a giant magnetic wall, to learning how hot air balloons work (Its round. Its  a ball) to virtual volleyball, there is more balltastic fun for everyone.

April 200911

Balls not your thing (Ben must not be your name)? Well how about driving a bus or creating a touch screen work of art or testing your strength on a pulley or a grip tester?


But that's just the stuff inside. Outside there is a huge dinosaur exhibit where you can go on a dino-scavenger hunt and have fun playing in the cave of the Tyranosaurus Rex. Finally during April 4-19 is Bubblefest. There are tons of bubble exhibits and Fan Yang (an international bubble superstar) is putting his Mega Bubble Show for an additional fee. Good stuff!

April 200912

So next time you are in town for a Disney vacation consider taking a break from all things Disney and try having some educational fun over at the Discovery Science Center. If you live in Socal, next time the weather outside is less than desirable, head on over for some indoor fun. Whether you are 2 or 92, I think you will have a great time.

PS- Once again I have to thank Just Spotted for the tip! Check out their April calendar for more great ideas.


BenLand said...

looks like a lot of fun....i know my ben would love the ball exhibits too.......he's obsessed!!!
(love your blog!)

Tonya Staab said...

How fun. That place looks great. I'm glad you posted pics of it b/c we are going there on our road trip in June so I'm glad to see there's lots of stuff for everyone. Yay.

Love the bed of nails. Bethany, Jane and I did that at the Maryland Science Center.

Daytrippingmom Media said...

It's a great place. I totally love it. I'm a big fan of museums on us. You have to check out the Scripps Aquarium next month if you can.It's one of the other places that is free with museums on us. It's a little farther south in San Diego County but so worth the drive. Thanks for leaving a comment!!

P.S I love your blog!! I love your adventures and all of your photos.

Michele - @OCPlayParks said...

Isn't that an amazing museum? And the passes are so reasonable. They are always rotating their exhibits. You always get the best photos. The outside stuff is definitely my favorite.

Carolina said...

We drive by this all the time, on the way to other places and I always want to stop by. Also, I have to say it-what is it with boys and balls? My son would spend hours at any discovery museum just watching balls spin, balls go down mazes...

Bridget Smith said...

I have to got to this museum!!! My son and I have been checking it out everytime we drive by on the way to Disneyland.

Will have to pack up the kids and my B of A card adn just go!

Peterson Party of 5 said...

Very cute pics of Discovery Science Center. I took my first grade class there for a field trip and every single one of them loved it!

My hubbie and I plan on taking the girls there next week.

Thanks for posting!