Friday, April 3, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its Way!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to get a visit from the Easter Bunny. Yes I know Easter is over a week away but when the Easter Bunny knocks on your door, you answer! It was supposed to be a surprise for Mari and Ben but Ben had other plans. Evidently he was still tired from going to California Adventure the day before (I forgot my camera. Yes. Me. I know) and decided to check out of therapy about 20 minutes early to head upstairs for a nap. Mari was also sleepy and asking to go take a nap. This never happens. I panicked. I called the Easter Bunny Hotline and let Ms. Bunny know what kind of a situation we were dealing with. She was already dressed up in fully bunny regalia and ready to go so I talked Mari into staying up a few minutes more because we had a surprise. Luckily the Easter Bunny and her posse showed up quickly and Mari was very excited to see she came bearing gifts!

March 20097

    The Easter Bunny and her mafia come to see Mari

Mari danced with the Easter Bunny and Aunt MiMi to Peter Cottontail and the Hokey Pokey. After some coaxing even agreed to take a picture on her lap.

March 20098

Then the Easter Bunny asked if she could at least peak in on the sleeping Ben.

March 20099

We just wanted to get a sleepy picture but Ben must have sensed the presence of someone special because he suddenly he popped up with a smile on face and headed down to join the party and get his gift.


We were all sleepy (note the look of pure exhaustion in my eyes) but so happy to have our special visit from the Easter Bunny.


We are looking forward to having more Easter fun in the coming week and especially looking forward to Mari and Ben's dedication on Easter Sunday! Stay tuned for more Easter action!



Bre said...

Hmph...I've always wondered if the Easter Bunny was a guy or gal. I wish she would visit us!

BenLand said...

what a great bunny!
looks like everyone had a good time :o)
happy easter ben & mari!!!

debi9kids said...

How cute!!! Love that Ben was just faking you out. LOL
Bunny Mafia! hahahaha
ps What the heck??? You forgot your camera????

Alisha said...

So cute! I love Mari's unsure expression when sitting on the bunnies lap. lol.