Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pena Adobe

We have so many adventures that I haven't blogged about yet. So many places to share, so many pictures to bombard you all with. Some places are grand like Lassen (I will get to it Tamara I promise) or Muir Woods and others are small like Pena Adobe. We went to Pena Adobe to take some pictures of the kids dressed up like little prairie children. I had purchased the cutest little bonnets from a store on Etsy and my friend JK had sent Mari the cutest little Little House on the Prairie dress so it was a must that we put them to good use. Mari had other plans. She had absolutely no desire to wear that bonnet for even a second. And so the fight began. I tackled her, tied on the bonnet and demanded Paul shoot as many pictures as he could as quickly as possible. This was the best bonnet shot we got.


April 2008


And this is what we had to go through to get it.



Ben stole the show. He put on his best farm boy charm and gave me more than I could have ever hoped for.

April 20081


Not that Mari didn't put on some charm when she was forced to endure the torture of the bonnet.




Pena Adobe is located in Lagoon Valley between Vacaville and Fairfield and is a nice pit stop from the Bay Area to Tahoe or Sacramento. There are hiking trails and nice spots for picnics. If you are interested in more on the hiking in Lagoon Valley here is the link to my previous post. Enjoy!


Helene said...

Hey, that's near us....I'll have to look into it one day for a road trip!

I absolutely love the always capture the most beautiful shots of your kids! How funny that Mari wouldn't wear her bonnet! I have so many cute hats for my kids but they refuse to wear them too.

Cheryl Lage said...

The personality just leaps from these images. Great, great pictures. :)

Jessica said...

love love Pena Adobe! It's in Vacaville.
We used to have Easter there!

Mashel said...

Those are so. so cute! I love them!

Lauren said...

Those photos are adorable! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it :)

Jessica Kate said...

I forgot all about that dress!
what beauties. Wish I could hug them. YOu too.