Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pt Mugu State Park

As many of you know, California's State Parks are currently being threatened with closures due to California's fiscal crisis. In an attempt to bring attention to all the wonderful state parks California has to offer, my blogging friend Bridget at Family Adventure Guidebooks and I are participating in  State Park Saturdays. We will be featuring a different CA State Park every Saturday and we encourage you to do the same. If you don't live in CA then feature a state park in your home state. Let's bring attention to these treasures to increase awareness of what the state park system has to offer and encourage others to stand up and help protect these important places.



Pt Mugu State Park is what the Southern California coast is all about. With 5 miles of beaches, canyons sprinkled with oaks and sycamores, rocky bluffs, and grassy fields, its impossible not to fall in love.  There is camping right across the street from the beach and over 70 miles of hiking trails at your disposal. The kids and I checked out the beginning of La Jolla Canyon Trail on a trip up the coast this spring and I was in absolute awe over the wildflower display.


March 200911


March 200912


Pt Mugu is located north of Malibu and south of Oxnard. Its a place I hope to take my kids to hike, camp, and enjoy for many years to come. I hope the politicians hear our voices and keep our parks open. Places as special as this need to be cared for so they can be shared with future generations.

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BenLand said...

i agree whole-heartedly...i grew up visiting various state parks up and down the east coast with my best friend and her hippie parents (i love them!!)....and it made me the nature lover that i am today...and for that, i am forever grateful.......