Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road Trip Day 4- Northwest Trek

One of my dreams in life is to go on an African Safari. I want to pull up in a jeep next to a pride of lions at twilight and watch them share a kill with their cubs. I want to see giraffes graze on acacia trees and see wildebeests cross the Seregenti in a never ending herd. Africa may not be in the cards for me right now but North America is and there are plenty of amazing animals for me to check off my " spotted in the wild" list. As a patient and aware adult, I may be able to spot an elk peaking out behind a pine tree off in the distance but my two year olds probably won't. I want them to be able to get the same excitement and satisfaction that I do from spotting an animal but realistically a more controlled environment will probably be best for them to develop their wildlife viewing skills. This is just one of many reasons why I loved taking my kids to Northwest Trek.

Northwest Trek takes you on a safari through America's Serengeti. Here you board a tram, ride through the woods, and get up close an personal with elk, caribou, moose, bighorn sheep, and bison . You can watch animals living life in a habitat very similar to their wild counterparts and get a thrill out of spotting a moose in a marsh or behind a fir tree. I mean where else will my kids get to be 10 feet away from a bison having a dust bath?

Road Trip 097

Road Trip 098 


In addition to the tram ride, there are exhibits with predators such as mountain lions, lynx, and bears. If you are wondering why the mountain lions aren't out in the forest with the other animals its because mixing predator and prey is a deadly combination. Throw a mountain lion into the mix and suddenly the bighorn sheep population is bound to take a dive.



Smaller mammals such as beavers, skunks, wolverines, and fishers are also on display in nicely designed habitats with viewing windows that showcase not only the outdoor enclosures but the dens as well.

Road Trip 096

Northwest Trek is a must do for anyone visiting western Washington. It is located near the base of Mt Rainier (another must see) in a gorgeous setting that makes you seriously consider packing up everything you own and moving to the Pacific Northwest. Now if only it didn't rain so much...


BenLand said...

wow ...great photos!!

i especially love the can something so cute smell so bad ;) [same can be said about my son when he's ready for a diaper change...hahaha]

Terri said...

I am lovin' taking this trip with you! The pictures are awesome!!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Love the pictures, what a FUn trip so far!

Mashel said...

You really should pack up and move here!! LOL. It doesn't rain that much, that's just the myth that all of us washingtonian's tell others so we won't get overcrowded!! lol. Isn't NW trek fun? We have had a season pass in the past and loved heading out there all the time. Last year we even got to hit the annual "slug fest" were my oldest got to dress like a slug and race!! It was hillarious. It is awesome that you got that good of pictures of the moose. They are usually the hardest ones to see. I so wish we could have met up with you while you were here... :(

debi9kids said...

I just LOVE getting to see wildlife as well. The last time I went to Utah, i was shocked to see bison just running free... I had no clue ;)