Monday, November 30, 2009

Kids Save the Beach



If Mari and Ben had it their way, we would go to the beach every day. I  would happily agree to their demands but we just simply don’t have the funds to live at the beach nor the time to drive out there every day. We do try our best to dip our toes in the mighty Pacific at least a couple times a month. Its one of the greatest perks of living in Orange County. Our gorgeous coastline  attracts people from all over the world. With this fabulous perk comes great responsibility. We must keep our beaches and oceans clean so future generations can get as much joy, peace, and happiness from them as we do. We can all help keep the beach clean, even kids.

Save Our, the ladies from Just Spotted, and Carrie at This is Me- A Kid’s First Keepsake Journal all helped organize a fantastic beach cleanup day at Seal Beach. Kids were encouraged to put on some gloves, grab a bag, and start picking up trash.


It was tempting for Mari to go play in the water so we agreed she had to find ten pieces of trash and then she could have a splash break. She worked very hard to find her trash. Seal Beach was a surprisingly clean beach! 

November 20093

Even though Seal Beach was a very clean beach overall, we still managed to run into plenty of cigarette butts. Attention smokers- the beach is not a giant ashtray! I want my kids to be able to build a sandcastle without having to stop every few minutes to pick your cancer sticks out of their favorite architectural medium. Below are some examples of things we do not want to find at the beach.


And here are a few things we would love to see more of….

November 20094  

If you would like more info on how to organize your own beach cleanup click here. If you don’t live near the ocean think about cleaning up a lake, river, or hiking trail near you. And be sure to bring the kids!


Michele - @OCPlayParks said...

Very cool! I wish I'd known - we're always up for trips to the beach.

New Brunswick Scientific Bioprocess Team said...

Great post monks!

Helene said...

That is so awesome!! What a lovely way to spend a day with the kids, helping clean up the environment and getting to enjoy a nice dip in the ocean!!

The sand looks SO soft....I miss the ocean!

Debi said...

Thanks for sharing -- we weren't able to attend but really wanted to! Looks like a great experience!

Lorraine Akemann said...

What a great way to get kids outdoors and involved in the community at the same time. Wonderful post!

debi9kids said...

How fabulous that you did this and got your kids involved! Well done Shar! (you truly do live by your beliefs.)