Monday, November 16, 2009

Lantern Bay Park

Some parks are just a couple of swings and a slide. Sure they keep the kids entertained but every once in a while we want a little something extra from our park experience. Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point does have a nice playground  but the view is what really draws us back over and over again. This bluff top park has a view to die for. Watching my kids play while the cool ocean breezes fill my senses is so refreshing. I love watching the boats leave the harbor and head out to sea as the brown pelicans skim the water below me on their search for their next meal. The kids (and our dogs) love to run on the lush green lawns. People seem happier at Lantern Bay. Less stressed. More Zen. Brides often pick this spot as the perfect place to say their vows and if you come on a Saturday afternoon you are almost guaranteed to see someone in an amazing white dress. Pack a picnic, bring the dogs, and leave your cares behind while you enjoy Southern California at its finest at Lantern Bay.


September 09



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Helene said...

It looks like a beautiful park! We have a park nearby our home that has a very large area of grass for the kids to run around, like the one you mentioned. There's nothing better than just springing the kids loose from the car and watching them run all over the grass!