Friday, December 4, 2009

Road Trip Day 20- Grand Teton National Park- Inspiration Point

It all started with a boat trip across Jenny Lake. First there were sprinkles. Then, just as we picked up full speed the torrent began. Stinging rain hit our faces as we did our best to shield the children. It was freezing and we were soaked. And then, as quickly as it started, it was over. We pulled up to the dock and felt the warmth of the sun dry our hair and bring smiles back to everyone’s faces. We had a climb ahead of us. We were hiking through Cascade Canyon to Hidden Falls.

Road Trip 09

The scenery was amazing. As we walked up the trail the Tetons seemed to almost be within reach. Maybe if we stretched our arms a little bit further we could just touch them. Their jagged peaks rise above the landscape with such prestige it was hard to keep our eyes on the trail in front of us. The kids seemed to have an extra skip in their step as the wound their way up the side of the mountain. Maybe they knew they were on their way to someplace special.


Road Trip 092 

We reached a bridge that crossed a rushing creek and headed towards the sound of falling water. Hidden Falls suddenly appeared into view, truly hidden from the main trail. They were beautiful, the weather was beautiful and we were feeling ambitious. After letting the kids play on some rocks near the falls viewing area, we decided to take a chance and head further up the trail.

Road Trip 091

Road Trip 093


A few people who were coming back down advised us not to take the trek. They said there was no way a two year old could make it to the top. I said they didn’t know my two year olds. We started the climb, rising a total of 417 feet to Inspiration Point. Yes, it was a big climb but my kids never complained and truly loved every step they took up that trail. Towards the end there were some switch back that weren’t for the faint of heart but we kept our kids on the inside of the trail and they did just fine.


Road Trip 097

When we reached Inspiration Point, elevation 7200 feet, we were met with a round of applause.  A tour group applauded my kids for making the climb and everyone reached out to give Mari and Ben high fives. I was so proud. I try to never underestimate my children’s abilities. My son, who spent a year in physical therapy, just climbed a mountain. My daughter, loves the outdoors as much as her mom, practically ran up the side of that mountain.

Road Trip 094

Road Trip 095


Road Trip 096  

We took our time and enjoyed the view. My kids sat on the giant boulders and gazed down at the lake below. They pointed to the tiny dot of a boat that they had cruised in on. Then we said our farewell to Inspiration Point and headed back on down the mountain. That day, my kids were my inspiration. And I think they may have inspired a few others along the way.

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Peter West Carey said...

That is a great story and some beautiful photos! Congratulations to your kids (and you two, too)!!

TheWordWire said...

Ahhhhh. Grand Tetons are probably the prettiest mountain vista I've seen. We didn't do any hiking on our visit, but we did camp on Jenny Lake. Great memories!

debi9kids said...

How awesome! the view is amazing and that final family photo...I think I;m seeing your Christmas Card pic (?)
I am so proud of your kids as well. Just amazing how far they have come!

ps Were you hiking in flip flops?

Sharlene said...

I never really thought about using that picture as our Christmas card. Not a bad idea....
Yes, I hike in flip flops alot. I am from Socal. I can't help myself...

Abi said...

The second to last photo is my favourite - gorgeous!

PS - Really, hiking in flip flops?! I'm impressed...

Wanderluster said...

I visited the Tetons this summer for the first time in about 20 years. It's a spectacular place for kids and adults alike. Thanks for sharing all the great pics!

New Brunswick Scientific Bioprocess Team said...

Great job monks! Our kids were definitely amazing that day. You could almost say they "peaked".

Sight Seer said...

The Teton are such an amazing place! We rode our motorcycles there not long ago, and the view is still etched in my mind. read more at