Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesdays for Tuesday

A week ago, Tuesday was in so much pain that she screamed all day and night and would not even let her mother touch her.  Last weekend she was feeling good enough to have a visit with her siblings. Today she is doing well enough to have great shot at being discharged on Thursday.

Yes, she still has cancer. Yes, she still has to have radiation and chemo coursing through her veins because she has a rapidly growing tumor inside of her. But today she is feeling better than she was a week ago. She is going back uphill. Tuesday is the warrior in this battle but we all share her victories.  And we all look forward to many more.


Terri said...

Looking forward to the uphill climb! She has so many warriors behind her pushing! Praying everyday that tomorrow is better than today!

Tamara Mitchell said...

Great post on Tuesday! We are praying for her!!! Thank you for all of the updates that you get from JK!

debi9kids said...

You are so right! She does bring everyone closer to God.
I just KNOW Tuesday will beat this!
God's will...