Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Day at Pittsford Park



Yesterday started out like any typical Saturday. We hit up Costco for a run of free samples (try the chicken parmesan meatballs. Yummy!) and the necessities. It was kinda rainy and we were feeling pretty lazy so we decided to start to head home after the smorgasbord. Suddenly the fog cleared from my brain and I let out an "Oh crap!"  It was snow day and I completely forgotten all about it. We bought our tickets ahead of time for the 12:45-2:00 session. It was 1:30. But wait! They said if it rained they would move it to a later date and it had rained today so maybe we were okay. We drove by  the park just to be sure. Not okay! There was snow in Lake Forest and we were missing it!  We quickly drove home, emptied the car of perishables, grabbed our tickets, changed diapers, and I grabbed whatever snow proof items I could find in 30 seconds. Then we drove down the street ran for the snow. Sure Mari had a face covered in assorted Costco treats and Ben was wearing track pants instead of snow pants since I could find his in my 30 second clothes grabbing spree but we were there and ready to beg for mercy.

Luckily the fabulous man in charge of the snow day listened to my whining and allowed us to trade in our tickets for the next session which began 2:30. So what if the snow was getting icy and the kids were past nap time. We were playing in the stinking snow!


While we waited for our session to start the kids played in the snow play area designated for kids under 5. Ben absolutely loved the fact that he could turn the snow into balls and throw them. As you can see in this picture, I am not sure the girl behind him was quite as happy with his find. The girl to the right was a sitting duck. You have to keep your guard up in the snow kids!

January 2008 371


January 200812


Finally our time on the sled hill came. Since my kids are evidently too good for a line they ran up and down the grassy portion of the hill while Mommy waited by herself.  Then Paul and I tromped up the hill, sled in one hand, kid in the other. We got into position, said our prayers, and away we went. The kids loved it! Ben let out a cheer at the bottom of the hill and Mari turned to Daddy and asked for more. More? You want more? Well lets go! We slide down a few more times before Mommy's starvation and the overwhelming need to get the kids down for a nap took over. We waved goodbye to the snow and vowed to return next year. And we vowed that next time we will  be on time.


If you would like to go to the Lake Forest Snow Day next year here are the facts (assuming things don't change next year):

- Presale is open to Lake Forest residents for the first two days and nonresidents the third day. All tickets are presale. You can't buy tickets the day of the event.

- Tickets are $5 and available at City Hall.

- There are three sessions and the earlier you go the better because the snow is less icy.

- They have bouncy houses, food, and a couple other little activities so you may want to bring a couple bucks with you.

- There is a great playground at Pittsford Park your kids will love. Click here to see my post on Pittsford Park with pictures.

See you on the slopes!

Post Script: I would like to dedicate this post to the four pack of Lunchables that we forgot to take out of our trunk during our mad dash for the snow. May you go on to to be a special meal for a deserving family of rats at the dump...

For more information on this park check out Fun Orange County Parks!


DiPaola Momma said...

Oh I remember these fun days back home (I'm from Imperial County) when they'd truck in the snow from Big Bear and we'd have a "snow day" at school! Now I'm on the east coast (e.g. The frozen tundra) and we get real snow days.. not so much on the fun side:-)
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today and giving me welcome but totally unessary thanks for supporting Tuesday's fundraiser. In fact I had her prayer button up on my blog for a long time, I just got a redesign and it didn't make it. I'll take care of that today. I wanted to share with you the sweet thing that my youngest, 2 year old Emily, does. We say our prayers every night and it's the sweetest thing.. she says "And lord watch over baby Tu-day"... that just melts me. So know that you are in our hearts, prayers and shortly back on my blog.

Helene said...

Oh darnit, I just left a comment and I think it got erased!!

Anyway, hope this isn't a duplicate but I wrote:

Wow, what fun!! Your kids will no doubtedly have happy memories of that day!!

My kids also love the Costco chicken meatballs!!

Anonymous said...

You know, you could come here and play in a lot more snow than that! Though it would cost a bit more than $5 to get up here...just a thought... :) Looked like fun!

Not Yet A Vet said...

Nice snow. :) I could mirror the other comments and recommend that you visit Wisconsin for a lot more snow (and some really really cold weather! ouch!). I wish they made grown-up-sized bouncy houses. Just sayin'. :) I chose the black on white damask pendant from HomeStudio. I can't wait for it to get here! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

debi9kids said...

I think this is such a cool thing they do for you! It has got to be so strange playing in the snow in 80 degrees!
Great pictures!!!

cat said...

Wish we had these in Africa, but alas, no snow.

Alisha said...

haha. It is so weird to me that where you live you hzve snow days, and where I live, well, 1/3 of the year are snow days. lol. Looks like you had fun though.

Mammatalk said...

Fun! Fun!

Mashel said...

How cool is that? I love it!

Christy said...

awesome! its like snow in the summertime! very cool!

kelly said...

looks like so much fun! my boys would have LOVED this!