Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday for Tuesday

I know. I'm late. Yesterday was long and busy so I am just now ale to post. I wish I had better news. Tuesday is back in the hospital for a few days. She is starting to pass blood clots in her stool as a side effect of chemo. She is in alot of pain. They have stopped the chemo and started the transfusions.  Pray that she feels better quickly.


The good news is that her tumor is shrinking. It has lost the arm that was reaching up behind her heart and the main tumor has shrunk considerably. So the chemo/radiation is working. It just making her poor little body take such a beating.  I am sure you are wishing you could help. Wondering what you can do. Well here is what you can do. 1. Pray. It is the most important thing you can do. 2. Read below to check out the fantastic fundraiser I have going from now until Valentine's Day. I think you will fall in love with these pendants and feel good knowing your purchase goes to the best cause around. ..


I am so excited about this fundraiser. Last Sunday I was faithfully reading the blog, The Secret is in the Sauce and came across a giveaway by fellow SITSta, Happy Daisy for the most beautiful pendant necklace by Home Studio. I clicked on the link to Home Studio's etsy shop and fell in love. The pendants are just too cute. They transform wooden Scrabble tiles into something so hip and chic that I dare you to take a look at their shop and not buy something. Then an idea went through my brain. How cool would it be if they custom made a Tuesday pendant for us to buy? Something we could wear to show our support for Tuesday and her fight with neuroblastoma (if you are unfamiliar with Tuesday please click on the Tuesday label on the right side of my blog to read her story).  I wrote to Home Studio figuring it was worth a try and was blown away by their response. Mark at Tuesday pendant Home Studio not only agreed to make a Tuesday pendant and reissue his twin pendant,but he also agreed to give 10% of all sales directly to Tuesday from now until February 14th!!!!!!!!!!! Is that amazing or what? A man who never even met Tuesday was generous enough to give such a gift. Keep in mind this applies to ALL sales  on the website as long as you enter the words "for Tuesday" in the message section (its below the payment information right before you submit the order) of your order form. This is very important or else the sale won't go towards Tuesday's fundraiser . You can buy a Tuesday pendant and 40 other pendants for all your closest friends and as long as you write "for Tuesday" in the message section, 10% of your order goes right to them! The great thing about the pendants is that they are very affordable and shipping is minimal so they fit every budget. I know times are tight but I think everyone could find something they love, not spend alot, and feel good about the cause they are supporting. I will have the button on the left side of my blog that will take you directly to the shop from now until February 14th or you can click here. Please at least take a look and see if there is something that suits your liking. There is a little bald girl with a magic spirit who would appreciate it.

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