Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Sacramento

Last weekend we went back. Back to that neck of the woods I called home for nine years, Sacramento. It was weird to be back. I wasn't sure I was ready to fully embrace my old home town. When I left, I was ready. Really, really ready. It got to the point where I couldn't find one redeeming quality about that place. But this past weekend, Sacramento was redeemed a bit. We were in town for my best friend's wedding (which was fantastic by the way) and had a day to kill so we checked in to the Embassy Suites (which rock) and enjoyed some time in Old Sacramento.

I have been to Old Sacramento more times than I can count. Sometimes to go costume shopping at Evangeline's and others to enjoy a little nightlife. This time I went to meet up with an old friend and let my kids see the "toot toots".

Like most children their age, my kids love trains. And if there is one thing Sacramento does right, its trains. According to many  trainophiles, the California State Railroad Museum is one of the best. We opted not to go inside due to time constraints but the kids did have a great time climbing on the caboose out front and watching a steam engine being tested on the tracks in preparation for the opening of the spring train ride season. Sadly, we were two days too early to ride the train but I know we will be back and the kids will love every minute of their authentic Steam Engine Train Ride along the Sacramento River.

April 200915


Then of course we had to stop in the candy store and pick out our favorites from the barrels of salt water taffy and other sugary treats.

April 200914

Finally we ended our trip at the toy store. They have an awesome model train display and so many neat toys to play with. You can't go in there and not want to touch everything. Watching how much my kids loved playing with the train set solidified my decision to get them a train set for their birthday in a few months.  If you find yourself in Sacramento, take the time to stroll through Old Sacramento. It really is a very cool place.

April 200916



Jessica said...

I agree! Old Sac is rad. I love that candy store!!

L I S A said...

OMG, you made me totally nostalgic and I didn't think I'd ever feel that way about Sac!

Helene said...

I feel the same way about Sacramento...I went to college there and lived there afterwards for a little while and I could never imagine living there again. It just seems so big to me now, compared to here in Stockton.

I wish I would've known you were here!!! I would've loved to have brought the kids up there to meet you all at the train museum!! My kids LOVE that candy store! Their eyes get SO wide everytime we let them go in there!

BenLand said...

looks great! i think i would go just to visit that candy store!!! how awesome is that?!!!!

Carolina said...

Poor Sacramento, so easily overlooked. I know I zoom past it at least once a month on the way to Tahoe from the Bay Area and back. I agree Old Sac. is cool. The train museum is train geek heaven, and the stores around there are fun and nostalgic.

Marci said...

Fun pictures! Love the barrels of candy~

debi9kids said...

How fun! I am glad you enjoyed being back "home".
LOVE the pictures (as always)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh those overflowing barrels! I'd have gone sugar crazy! (In the most delightful kind of way!)

I'd never thought about Sacramento as a "tourist" family place to go, but have you ever opened my eyes!

LOVE all your travel ideas...and even when budget may prohibit, I feel like we've vacationed vicariously when I've come by your blog! Thanks so much!

shawna said...

This post was like a blast from the past for me. Every year since I was little we would travel to Sacramento from Idaho to visit my grandmother. We often went to old town Sacramento. Now my grandma is 93 and living with my parents. I miss the visits. What FUN!

John Cave said...

We are from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Last month friends of ours from Sacramento took us for the day to Old Sacramento Town. Apart from the many exciting places there we visited, we tried Salt Water Taffy from the cany Store. We loved to samples so much we brought 2 pounds opf it home with us to Australia. We would love to know if they export (at our expense) to our country as we absolutely loved it and cant get enough of it. It is not available here and we want to purchase more.
Please advise asap.

Sharlene said...

Hi John- I am glad you enjoyed the salt water taffy. I do not work for the company (though I did use to live on the same street as the owners and they are very nice people). I don't know the answer to your question but I did find their email address for orders. It is . Perhaps you can email them and they can work something out for you. Best of luck!