Monday, July 13, 2009

Road Trip Day 5- 4th of July, Tenino Style

Independence Day is different out in the country. Less hustle and bustle and more enjoyment of what's just outside the front door. The day was spent watching Ben perfect his golf swing (and I have to say, the boy is really impressive), helping Mari catch skidders, and watching the men prepare the field for the upcoming golf tournament. I piddled around the pond and daydreamed about my childhood. I spent some of my favorite days catching frogs and snakes in that yard. Growing up, I also spent more time in the water than I ever intended. I had a tendency to fall into the pond almost every day. Whether I wasn't paying enough attention to where I was walking or I was reaching just a tad too far for something gliding across the water, I ended up wet far too often. I prayed my klutziness didn't carry over into my children's genes because fishing a two year old out of a freezing cold body of water was not on my "must do" list this go round.  My paranoia led to my decision to have them wear life jackets when were playing near the water. The kids were not very happy about having to wear a constricting vest in the hot sun but they eventually realized it was the only way they were going to get anywhere near that water. Luckily, they managed to stay out of the pond and satisfied their need to get their feet wet in the stream.

Road Trip 099



Fireworks tend be less of the sparkler variety and more the M80 style. Families spend hundreds of dollars to put on a display for the whole neighborhood. Sitting in a field watching fireworks explode in the sky through a clearing between fir trees was so different than the 4ths that I have become accustomed to. There were no crowds to fight. Just family laughing over a couple beers at stories of alien abduction and years past. Sure it was loud. Fireworks do tend to let off quite the resonating boom. But it was also incredibly peaceful. It was just us, the trees, and the sparkling sky.


Terri said...

sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the 4th to me!

New Brunswick Scientific Bioprocess Team said...

Great job babe! This one made me regret not going with you guys.

BenLand said...

looks like a great vacation!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

What a great 4th you had!!!!

debi9kids said...

Sounds and looks perfect!
And, THAT is why i am moving where I am moving... for that slow pace of life :)

LOL about you falling in the pond all the time as a kid. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun -- where do I find this place? (hahahaha -- see, no smiley face)
The pond is empty without you (or Chris) in it. As for the absence of Ben & Mari, the sun literally refused to shine, choosing heavy clouds as cover for a few days of soft weeping over the loss of Ben pursuing golfballgolfballgolfballgolfball and Mari chasing bubbles (more more more more more more)The elephant and the hippo are silent. Miaow miaow just sits there, motionless. And the juice bottle feels empty inside.
- Guess Who

Tamara Mitchell said...

And Ben does look like the natural golfer!

Awesome 4th celebration!

The jones Family said...

Love this! I'm cracking up at the thought of you falling into the pond daily and loving the pictures of the kiddos! I'm sure this is a trip that even if they don't remember they will love the looking at the pictures and seeing the adventures their mama shared with them starting so early in their lives!