Friday, February 26, 2010

Help Us Get to Italy

I will beg and plead. I am really not above it. Not when it comes to Italy. I have dreamt of Tuscany for years and now it is so close I can taste the vino. I am a finalist in a Ciao Bambino photo contest and the person with the most votes wins a week in a VILLA IN TUSCANY for their family. I drool at the thought of it. I need your help dear reader. I need your vote! Its really quite easy and will only take three minutes of your time. Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top can you:

1. Go here and become a fan of Ciao Bambino on Facebook (if you aren’t a fan, you can’t vote). It takes only takes one click!

2. Go into photos and click on the contest (or just click here). Then click on our photo which in the middle of the third row and looks just like this:

Road Trip 09 2198

Leave a comment under our photo telling them you are voting for us and you are all done! Easy peasy. 

If you are feeling extra generous you can even spread the word on your Facebook page or blog. I would be eternally grateful. I really hope we win and I can share all the detail of our incredibly trip with you. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! Now I just have to keep those fingers, toes, and eyeball crossed!!!!


La Jolla Mom said...


Laura's office is kind of inland near Rancho Santa Fe so you're prob better off having the cards shipped for $1.25. Thanks!!!!

Mike Barlow said...

My vote is in. I'll pass this on to Sara too.

Helene said...

I'm off to vote!!! I'll do a little blurb at the top of my blog so hopefully you can get some more votes that way too!

Helene said...

I'm off to vote!!! I'll do a little blurb at the top of my blog so hopefully you can get some more votes that way too!

Robin said...

I tried to vote but it wouldnt let me...??..Awww..cute pic

Donna said...

Okay - I voted.....and not just because I'm havin my own contest and NEED votes, and not just because I think Helen is awesome, but....because THAT's an amazing picture! AND I'm Italian!

HAVE a FANTASTIC trip!! (and if you want to stop over and vote for my Makeover Garage - I'ld be extra happy!) lol

Anonymous said...

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Carolina said...


Carolina said...

Oh, and good luck!

Donna said...

Sharlene - thanks for trying to vote for me!! I just found out today that I WON my contest!!! Yippee!

Sure hoping you keep the good luck streak going!! ;-)

BenLand said...

you've got my vote!!!
i just found out on sunday that i'm going to italy in june for 2 weeks!!!
good luck! i really hope you win!!!!