Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta

This Friday I decided to do a photo essay of sorts on our day at the beach at Pinecrest Lake last Labor Day. The kids look like babies still and still do baby things like eating rocks, getting faces full of dirt, crawling in the water, and if you are Ben, scooting through the sand. 

Pinecrest Lake is a wonderful place to take families. Its tucked away in the Sierra Nevadas east of Sonora, CA. There is a great beach for families, a wonderful trail around the granite shadowed lake, and battle boats to rent to assist with your  lake exploring. Many people rent cabins or camp in the immediate are and it is easy to see why. Its gorgeous and a wonderful family retreat.

Pictured in this photo essay are me, my little ones, Jess and Mazzy, Michelle, Brent, and Nick. Enjoy!

September 2007 031

September 2007 038

September 2007 046

September 2007 056

September 2007 067

September 2007 081

September 2007 061

September 2007 120

September 2007 129

September 2007 048

September 2007 093

September 2007 094

September 2007 114

September 2007 111

September 2007 123

Thanks to Candid Carrie for putting this wonderful idea together!


Terri said...

They were so tiny! I love the one of Ben where you can tell he was scooching (is that a word?) through the sand!

Michelle said...

Oh! Love the one with "scoot tracks" in the sand. Too cute!

Jennifer and Sandi said...


Happy Friday

- Jennifer

debi9kids said...

LOVE Ben's scooching trail!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the scooting trail is awesome! They are all so little! I can't believe that was a year ago...

Brandi said...

Love the pic of the ginormas foot! LOL And Ben looks just handsome. Oh another fave...Mari slipping you some tongue!

Shannon said...

Great pics!

The "scoot tracks" one is the best of the bunch, hands down!

MamaBriggs said...

Great Pics! I just left you a blog award, head on over to collect it!

Tonya Staab said...

Mari and her signature kiss, that girl rocks.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful place! Great photos, as usual :)

Anonymous said...

What always amazes me about your kids is that they have had the same look since birth...they just look older but still the same if that makes sense?