Friday, September 19, 2008

A Night at the Circus

Last week we went to go see the "Greatest Show on Earth". Or so its been called. I don't know about greatest but I do have to say it was pretty fun. The Ringling Brothers Circus was in town and opening night tickets were half off. Sure, we got cheap nosebleed section tickets but we didn't care. We were going to see clowns, elephants, and tigers!

I got the idea to go to the circus after reading Mashel's fabulous blog about the time they had at the circus. The great thing about this circus was that an hour before the show started you got to go down to the arena floor and meet circus performers. We were running a bit late so our time on the floor was short but we did get to see performers up close, take pictures, and even have the kids pose with a clown (Mari looks a tad scared in that shot).

September 2008 135

September 2008 139

September 2008 141

September 2008 142

September 2008 143

You may have noticed the FABULOUS Tuesday tshirts  the kids and I were sporting (Paul's needed to be shrunk). Yes, you too can have the coolest shirt around. Just click on the link to the right of my blog. Okay- shameless plug over.

The kids were very excited to see everything up close and personal but the show was about to start and we had to climb up, up, up to our seats.  Our seats may have been way up high but we could see everything just fine. It came time for the National Anthem so we stood up and sang and after the applause Mari started to cry. She wasn't done singing! She thought the show was over and she wasn't ready for it to end! I tried to explain to her that we were just starting the show but there was no consoling her until the lights came back up and show did begin.  From that moment Ben's eyes were absolutely glued to the stage. He sat on Paul's lap and stared with a big smile on his face. We had a fan. Mari was a bit more vocal. She cheered and said wow and clapped. She enjoyed the crowd participation just as much as the actual show. We saw all kinds of normal circus stuff and some things I had never seen before like these people on inflatable bouncing things doing tricks. I know, poor description but they were really cool.

September 2008 161

Paul and I were especially amazed by the 7 motorcycles spinning around in one cage. How do they do that? I think the kids loved the animals the best.  At intermission we went up to the tip top of the stadium and let the kids run laps. That actually may have been some of the most fun of the night.

September 2008 175

September 2008 177

The second half started past the kids' bedtime so their attention was not held as well as the first half. Ben reached his breaking point and made his attempt at escape.

September 2008 192

Mari was more interested in climbing the stairs then sitting still and Paul was making funny faces in the camera.

September 2008 187

So we watched the elephants and headed out. My only regret was going to the 7:30 performance instead of the day performances because by the time the second act hit, the kids were really tired. Luckily- I think the preshow and first act were well worth our money. It made for a relatively inexpensive special treat which is always my goal. As long as you don't get caught up in the $8 cotton candy and $10 light up toys you can really have a pretty cheap, very fun, memorable night. 


Debbie Moore said...

Oh, we have got to take the kids next time they come around here, it was one of those things we signed up for when we had the twins and got free tickets, I have them around here...somewhere. Looks like fun, glad the kids enjoyed!

The jones Family said...

I love the circus!!! Just told Mike we Must do that in Jan!!!
Love the shirts!

Mashel said...

I am glad that you were able to take the kids to the circus! You didn't even give me the credit for the idea though, what's up with that?! ha ha! It is so fun though isn't it?

Sharlene said...

Well I feel like a jerk. I did get the idea from Mashel's blog! I am gonna have to edit my post. I blame it on Mommy brain!

Mashel said...

I was just teasing you about giving me the credit! I don't need the credit, I just remember you saying when I posted about our trip to the circus, how you wanted to take the kids the next time it came to town. That is why I love your blog, because it gives me new ideas of places to go with the kids. If we can't share them, what is the point of the blog right? I was just giving you a bad time. And if I really wanted to give you an even worse time, I would mention that I am not even on your blog role of perfessional twin ranglers! But I won't even go there! Ha ha. I just realized I don't have your email address, so this is a super long comment.
The way to do the cool collages on my blog is through the newest version of Picasa. Do you have Picasa? It is a great way to edit your photos and you can do all of the cool things like collages on it. It is free to download. Here is the link.
It is very fun to play around with.
Oh, and come to Washington state anytime, I will take you and the kids camping, fishing, hiking, to the fair.....and anywhere else you want! We are pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful place with so many fun places to go.

Cheryl Lage said...

Our two love the circus too! And can I simply say that the picture of Mari is such a keeper! What joy she is expresing with that smile. :)


The Romero-Schroeder said...

OHHH that is something we ougth to do!!!!