Thursday, September 11, 2008

Those Summer Nights

The days are getting shorter. Soon their will be a chill in the evening air and the trees will put on a colorful show before becoming nudists for the winter. Now is the time to take advantage of those last few summer evenings and enjoy the warm night air. What better way than watching those boys of summer play their last few games of the season? Yes, traditionally people would go to see their favorite major or minor league baseball team but we have our own boys of summer right here in town. Daddy, Uncle Matt, and the rest of their slow pitch softball team!

The kids loving going to the softball field. Here they get to play with their friends, watch the game, and just enjoy being outside. Ben, being Ben, loves to get a softball from one of the big guys after warm ups and practice his pitching technique.

September 2008 004

September 2008 007

Mari likes to practice her racing skills while at the field. Unfortunately for me she was in an exceptionally naughty mood and did much of her racing away from me. I think my sprinting technique is now up to par as well.

September 2008 011

In one of her few moments that didn't involve running, Mari did happen to make a tremendous find. A broken blue rubber band! Who wouldn't be thrilled?

September 2008 013

The kids said good luck to their Daddy through the links of the dugout fence and the sun set well below the mountains. It was game time!

September 2008 006

September 2008 015

Daddy's team kicked some serious butt that night. The kids enjoyed watching Daddy come up to bat and hit the ball for his team. It was so fun to play in the dugout when the guys were out in the field trying to keep the other team from scoring. Ben has even made a new friend who happens to be a big kid! There is a verbal communication barrier since Ben doesn't talk but their friendship is based purely on the language of ball. Its very cute.

September 2008 016

September 2008 019

September 2008 020

That evening ended with a win and a tiny bit of chill. The warmth is already slipping away. Take advantage of those last few days before you are left staring out your window pining for those summer nights.


Debbie Moore said...

That sky is awsome! The nights are already getting cold here, it was in the 40s last night. Wahhh, summer is coming to an end in CT!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Great pictures!!!!

Shannon said...

Great photos! I love Mari's expression with her rubber band find, LOL!

And good for Ben on his friendship with a "big kid". Isn't it amazing how boys/men can bond without saying much at all? As long as they have some activity to do together, they are good to go, haha!

debi9kids said...

What FANTASTIC shots Shar! Looks like a GREAT night!!!

Tonya Staab said...

Mari is such a hoot. Seriously that girl has your spirit.

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun, and once again you amaze me with your ability to manage both kiddos! We took ours to a foot ball game recently and it took 3 adults just to keep them off the field! We will actually be able to get out and do more once this heat breaks and it starts to cool off in Fl a little bit so I'll be checking in with you for inspiration!