Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pittsford Park

December 20089

As a mom new to Orange County, I am always on the hunt for new places to take the kids.  Park reviews from parents who know what it is like to chase toddlers around really help me out because they help me get a taste for what I am getting myself into.  I am sure there are other people in the same boat as I am so I figured why not start reviewing some parks on my own?

My first review is of the newly remodeled Pittsford Park in Lake Forest. I have to say, this park rocks. There is something there for all ages and abilities. And lucky for me, its very close to my house. I grew up going to Pittsford Park whenever I was in town visiting my aunt and uncle and it wasn't much to sneeze at back then. Now it has a three play structures, including one that is wheelchair accessible, all in close proximity to one another. While there is no gate completely enclosing the park (always a huge plus in my book)  there is a large gate along the front of the park, preventing the children from getting anywhere near the street.  The ground around the play structures is covered in that space age, fall friendly, rubbery stuff that prevents children from getting as many playground related injuries as we used to.  You know what else kids these days don't get the joy of experiencing? Burns from sliding down metal slides on hot days? I swear we are raising a generation of wusses, but I digress... There is a sand box with some really cool built in sand toys, a zip line (low to the ground to avoid serious injuries), a draw bridge, a four seater teeter totter, slides galore, swing for toddlers and big kids, seats that spin, plenty to climb on, and a lone rocking zebra amongst other things. There are plenty of benches strategically located so parents can relax while still having a good view of their children. Some are even covered. There is also a gazebo that is perfect for birthday parties and tennis courts a stone's throw away.  There are barbeques, a fitness/walking trail, and restrooms.

Concerts are held in the summer on the large lawn area and in the winter they have a snow day. This year it is on January 24th with presale going on January 13-15th. Check this link for details. 

Overall I highly recommend this park and judging by the number of families I have seen enjoying it, I am not alone.  Pittsford Park is located at 21701 Pittsford Dr., Lake Forest, CA, 92630.

December 200810

December 200811

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Michele - @OCPlayParks said...

Great coverage of Pittsford, Charlene. Looks like you had fun playing. I covered it back in November on Orange County Play Parks: Connecting families to playground parks (http://www.ocplayparks.com/2008/11/pittsford-park.html). Hope my site helps you find more wonderful places to play. Lake Forest has a lot to offer. Welcome to Orange County!

Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome park!! I see Paul had some fun on the zip line...and holy crap your leg look even longer than normal on that slide!! :) Ha, ha, a "snow day"...that's funny...

Tamara Mitchell said...

Great pictures...and I can't wait to meet you! After the holiday...and you should come up for M&T's birthday party on Sun. Feb 1st!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Christy said...

Looks like an awesome park! You sure have lots of cool places to visit out there!

Tonya Staab said...

That park looks great ... I feel many an OC get together in our futures :)

L I S A said...

We have to schedule a playdate there, Luke & Bree would LOVE it!