Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Legoland- My take

Last week for Mari and Ben's third birthday we decided to had over to Legoland. We live less than an hour away from the park and had never been, mostly because of the cost. I figured that we better go while I could get the kids in for free or else we might never go.  I searched the web for cheaper tickets (which were still expensive) and found a deal at Costco that allowed us to go to the park and the aquarium for $55 per person. I cringed and made the purchase. At least I was getting a separate trip to  the aquarium out of it, right?

Lucky for us, the day we went the park was not very crowded. We were able to wait less than 5 minutes for most rides. The rides seemed to be mostly geared towards kids 6 and under. They were cute but I wouldn't say they were anywhere close to the caliber of rides available at Disneyland. The Lego creations were very impressive and truly the highlight of most rides.

September 097

September 098

September 099  

I absolutely loved Miniland. Seeing an accurate portrayal of San Francisco in Lego block form was such a treat. It made me feel homesick for one of my favorite cities.

September 094


The kids loved racing the cars on the miniature Daytona racetrack. I loved all the details from the RVs camped out in the center of the track to the crowd full of onlookers.

September 093

There were so many incredible places created with Legos, from the New York City skyline to Las Vegas theme hotels to a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

September 096

September 095


The water play areas were a highlight of our visit as well. Legoland does a great job at providing a variety of water attractions that appealed to every age group.

September 0910

September 0911

  Overall, we had a fun time at Legoland but I am not sure that we will be returning if we have to pay $55 per person. That is over $200 for a family of four and a bit too rich for my blood. I personally feel Legoland is overpriced and with an annual pass to Disneyland in my pocket, I am much more likely to spend my theme park time there.


Terri said...

Looks like you guys had a great time

Helene said...

I have wanted an honest review of this place for so long. Everytime we're down in Southern CA, we waiver back and forth about taking the kids there. It does sound kinda expensive and I think my kids would enjoy Disneyland so much more!

But it does look like you all had the water play areas!

debi9kids said...

How absolutely FABULOUS! I LOVE the mini part too! Very cool!

Amy @ The Q Family said...

Thanks for the sneak peek into Legoland for us. I couldn't NOT go to Legoland because my son is a really big fan of legos.

Amy @ The Q Family said...


I forgot to ask you one question. How long did you stay there? I'm planning a trip so I wonder if this is a full day thing or can it be half day.