Friday, September 18, 2009

Road Trip Day 15- Waterton Lakes National Park

The day had come. It was time to pack up and head back across the border. Canada had thrown alot of rain at us but she also overwhelmed us with her beauty. Luckily, she still had one more trick up her sleeve on the US/Canada border: Waterton Lakes National Park.

We reached Waterton Lakes just as the clouds broke and the rain stopped. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Obviously, there would be lakes. I did not, however, expect bison. I could barely contain my excitement as we drove in to the bison paddock and started our search for North America's large mammal. We drove along the gravel road and craned our necks as we searched the hills for signs of the herd. Just when I was about to give up, I spotted them. We were completely overtaken with excitement. I ignored my better judgement, jumped out the car,  and started snapping pictures. Luckily I had enough sense to keep my children's safety in mind and they were plenty excited to watch the bison graze from inside the car. Yes, we would continue on to other parks and see hoards of bison but there is nothing like your first time...  

Road Trip 0935



Waterton is where the prairie meets the Rockies.  It is striking to see rolling hills colored with greens, reds, browns and yellows suddenly shoot up into the air and take on deeper greens, gray, blues and whites. It was so peaceful to watch the grass blow through the breeze and a fly fisherman knee deep trying to catch dinner.

Road Trip 0936

Of course the most obvious stunners at Waterton Lakes are the lakes themselves.


Never have the lakes looked more stunning than with my babies posing for pictures in the foreground (okay, I may be a tad biased).



Another landmark of Waterton is the Prince of Wales Hotel. I can only imagine what it must be like to wake up to the breathtaking views that its windows hold.  The hotel is just as gorgeous as the landscape that surrounds it.

Road Trip 0937

One of the great side trips in Waterton Lakes is Red Rock Canyon. It almost seems like Disney snuck into Waterton and carefully placed a brightly colored canyon in the most unlikely of places.

Road Trip 0938

While we were exploring the canyon, the clouds began to gather once again. It was Canada's way of telling us that our time exploring her treasures was up and that we better find our way back across the border. But in true Canada fashion, she couldn't let us leave without giving us one more gift; a bear foraging near the road. I didn't get the best shot but I promise you, he was there and we were thankful  to be given one last gift.


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Jen@TwoKidsandaMap said...

You are right...those lakes are beautiful! I love the pictures of each individual child and the lake in the back! And lake view room please!

Lorraine Akemann said...

Saddling up to the Prince of Wales hotel sounds like a scenic and sensible choice - sign me up! Great collages.

debi9kids said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic trip and those views!!!!

You NEED to frame those photos of Mari & Ben! Just breath-taking!

Dominique said...

Beautiful photos! We really enjoyed our trip out to MT, WY and the Dakotas and wished we'd had more time so we could have explored some of the Canadian parks out that way. Thanks for giving us a peek at Waterton.

Christy said...

Stunningly BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! LOVED the ones of the kids with the mountains and lake in the background. Sooo soo gorgeous!