Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

As many of you know, the California's State Parks are in serious trouble due to budget cuts. In an attempt to bring attention to all the wonderful state parks California has to offer, I will be featuring a different CA State Park every week. I hope to bring attention to these treasures to increase awareness of what the state park system has to offer and encourage others to stand up and help protect these important places . 

July 2008

One of the most important moments in California history was when a man by the name of James Marshall found some gold flecks in the tailrace of a sawmill he was building for himself and John Sutter. This discovery lead to an influx of settlers seeking fortune in the form of shiny golden rocks and the establishment of the state of California.  The original mill was destroyed by flooding but a replica now stands in it place along with over 20 historic buildings in the old mining town of Coloma.  A trip to Gold Country is a must for any California native and a great stop for any tourist who wants to catch a glimpse of the oak covered hills where the 49ers set up camp in search of treasure. There are still opportunities to pan for gold and plenty of places to dive into history.



The Marshall Gold Discovery Historic Site is located in the town of  Coloma between Placerville and Auburn on historic Highway 49. If you would like more information on this State Park click here.

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