Monday, January 11, 2010

Disney on Ice- Tips and a Review

Do you remember being a little kid and getting so excited about something that  you worried  those butterflies in your belly were fluttering fast enough to actually break free? Do you remember trying your best to fall asleep at night only to toss and turn with anticipation? I do. And I know if I was a 5 year old going to Disney on Ice I would have spent one of the butterfly filled late nights in my bed, dreaming of princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Tinkerbell.

We recently took Mari and Ben to Disney on Ice for the first time. I spared them the tortured late night by waiting until we got to the venue to tell them about their special day. The excitement on their faces when we walked towards the arena was priceless. They squealed with delight when Cinderella waved to them during the pre-show princess meet and great. In their world, Jennifer Aniston had just acknowledged their presence. They giggled and bounced in their seats when the announcer reminded the crowd it was only 5 minutes until show time. Their eyes grew wide as the lights lowered and the show began. Mickey and Minnie came out and the crowd erupted with excitement. Huge smiles appeared on their faces and I held back tears. They were having one of those moments. A moment of sheer childhood bliss.

January 2010

Disney on Ice was fantastic. The two hour show slipped by much quicker than I would have ever imagined and I think everyone in the crowd, young and old, was thoroughly entertained. Ben kept asking me for more in between acts and Mari ran as fast as she could during a sudden urge to go to the potty. For a child who notoriously takes her time, I think we may have set a new world record. When it all ended, Ben cried. He wanted more. Mari quickly found a reason to fall apart as well. They never wanted it to end.


The show we went to consisted of skits from Mickey and friends, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Tinkerbell. They were beautifully costumed, amazingly skated, and filled with the songs we all know and love. It lived up to every expectation that I have of Disney. Along with the beauty and spectacle of Disney, came the prices. Want a snowcone? Well that will be $12. See that light up Tinkerbell toy your daughter has been eyeing? Yep. $20. Here are my tips to have a great (and economical time) at Disney on Ice.

1. Look for discounted tickets online. We got our tickets half price through a discount featured on Travel Zoo. We only paid $12 per person and our seats were awesome!

2. Dress warm. This is an ice oriented performance so they have to keep the arena fairly cool. We wore sweaters and brought jackets (though we never felt a need to wear the jackets)

3. Bring snacks. I brought granola bars for my kids in case they got hungry during the show and made sure to bring them each a special new candy (push pops baby!)so they didn’t feel slighted when Mommy refused to shell out over $10 for some cotton candy.


4. Go to the dollar store before the show and find some Disney themed item to give to your kids after the show to avoid the inevitable breakdown that will occur when you try to explain to them that you will not be spending $20 on an item that they will play for two hours and never look at again. I wish I would have thought of that one before we went. My kids normally know better than to even ask for something from a gift shop but I guess they saw one too many kids with something that they did not have.

5. Enjoy the moment with your kids and cherish the fact that you got to share in their joy. I know the memory of their happiness and excitement will stay with me forever.



Dave -nibbleanibble said...

I have to agree with you. Disney on Ice is a spectacular show for both the young and the old.

Vacation Deals said...

Disney on ice is one of a kind..

great tips..these tips would be of great help.. thanks for you it.. thanks again for sharing it to us.

Helene said...

Oh you are SOOO brilliant! Each of those tips were awesome.

The reason we tend to avoid things like this is because we end up completely broke afterwards!!!

Glad they liked it!!

Mary said...

This is fabulous! The tips are incredibly helpful and we are very excited to take our daughter in a few weeks! Thank you so much!! Glad y'all had fun!!

debi9kids said...

I just LOVE seeing the looks on your kids' faces! It sounds like it was wonderful and what a great memory you just created for them.

ps LOVE ben's pushpop eating technique. LOL

Anonymous said...

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