Monday, January 4, 2010

Ecostore USA Giveaway!

We are a family who likes to get outside as much as possible and as we all know, getting outside means getting dirty. Usually, getting clean means putting a bunch of nasty chemicals on ourselves, our clothes, and our household surfaces. I am not a fan of  nasty chemicals. I try to avoid them as much as possible, especially when it involves my children. This is why I love Ecostore USA.

Ecostore USA is the American branch of a New Zealand based company that has developed a great line of products without petrochemicals, enzymes, optical whiteners, synthetic perfumes and dyes, SLS, phosphates, chlorine, and ammonia. In other words, they care about your health and the health of the environment so they make products that reflect those values.

Ecostore USA sent me two products of my choice to sample. I chose the baby shampoo and the dog wash. Mari has had horrible cradle cap since she was born. She is three years old and nothing seemed to get rid of it. After baby shampoo a few days of using the shampoo I noticed her hair started looking different. I went to go scrub her head and saw a reduction in cradle cap! I certainly wasn’t expecting that. After over a month of using the shampoo, the cradle cap is almost gone. I can’t believe it. I have also noticed that both of my kids have shinier hair than they  have ever had.

The first time I used the shampoo I made the mistake of using a normal amount of shampoo in their hair. Whoa- can we say suds city? I hardly have to use more than a dime sized amount in their hair and it will suds right up and do a great job cleaning their hair. Using less means the product will last longer which in turn will cost you less. I can’t speak highly enough about this shampoo. Right now, Ecostore USA has its baby care items 50% off through the end of the month.  Plus you  always get free shipping when you spend $25 or more at Ecostore USA. You better believe I stocked up!

The other product I picked was the dog wash because I have a dog who is constantly shampoo In the past couple months Raley has had to have two ear surgeries because she scratches them until blood vessels pop and turn her ears into whoopie cushions. Its so sad (and really expensive!). I thought I would give the dog wash a try and honestly I wasn’t holding my breath when I went to wash her. Amazingly, for the first time ever my dog was not an itchy mess after a bath!  I will never go back to regular dog shampoo.

Because I love Ecostore USA so much (I am pretty picky about what products I will review), I am thrilled to be announcing this giveaway for a $25 gift card to Ecostore USA for one of my readers! Wanna win? Okay- here are the details on how to enter:

#1 Go to Ecostore USA here and leave a comment telling me which products you would buy if you win. (If you are a subscriber to my blog let me know and I will give you two entries)

#2 Sign up for the No Nasty Chemical Newsletter  here and then let me know you did in the comments section.

#3 Follow Ecostore USA on twitter (@ecostoreusa ) and then send me (@doubleadventure) a tweet letting me know you started following them.

#4 Tweet about this giveaway and let me know you did (I will give you an entry once per day you tweet about the giveaway).

#5 Follow Ecostore USA on Facebook here and then leave a message in the comments section of this post letting me know you did. (While you are at it you can also become a fan of Double the Adventure’s new Facebook fan page here. Wink. Wink.)

Okay- on your marks, get set, win!!!!

Contest entry deadline is Monday, January 11th at 5PM PST.


Jen said...

I became a fb Fan....just to be like you:) I am already a fan of you in about 17 places I think....

:) xx jen

BoufMom9 said...

FABULOUS give-away Shar! (you know I LOVE these earthy products!!!!)
I tweeted about it, which also sends it to Facebook)

As with Jen, I follow you everywhere. LOL (oh, and will follow you anywhere. haha)

If I had to chose an item, I'd choose any of their bath soaps. My kids all have horrible eczema, so we use all natural products for bath times ALWAYS.

Oh, I am following ECOSTORE on Facebook & Twitter now too :)

ps Glad you posted about this store. I had never heard of it before.

Debbie Moore said...

I would love to try the shampoo for my little guys. We could all use to be a little friendlier to ourselves and our enviroment.something I would like to focus more on this year :)

Lora said...

Awesome to have personal insight into a product. Thanks for the review, and I am hooked. Signed up for the newsletter and you may know, I'm already a subscriber to your feed. I hope to try the Vanilla shampoo and the baby shampoo.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I just love all things eco friendly. I'd probably try the hair products first. They look wonderful.

All the best!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Oh and I fan'd both of you on Facebook too.

Rudy Rukus said...

I would buy all their awesome smelly soaps oh yeah and the baby products yummy!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I would buy some Sandlewood shampoo and conditioner. I use this product for my toddlers and LOVe it! Honestly... love this stuff. I plan on solely using this for them for the next 5 years at least, and then moving them onto the older children products.

Thanks for the giveaway! Great company to work with, I can vouch for them.

mindy said...

the insect repellent thanks minsthins at optonline dot net

susan said...

I would love to try the Aloe Very conditioner, I need some natural things for my hair!

cstironkat said...

I would buy the Herbal Fresh Shampoo for my dog rescue group.

cstironkat said...

I tweeted
win a gift certificate here,

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the dog wahs and the Rosemary-Orange SHampoo & COnditioner.


Jennifer said...

I actually just made a purchase of a few of the cleaning products so I would love to buy some of the bath products like the Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner.


Jennifer said...

I signed up for the Ecostore's No Nasty Chemicals newsletter.


zachsgran said...

I'd get the vanilla shampoo and conditioner. I subscribe to emails
zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

zachsgran said...

I signed up for the no nasty chemical newsletter
zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

bison61 said...

I'd like to try the Laundry Powder and I signed up to receive e-mails from the blog

tiramisu392 (at)

bison61 said...

I signed up for the no nasty chemical newsletter

tiramisu392 (at)

alli said...

I would love to get the Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap, and the dishwash liquid! I also subscribe by email to your blog :)

northssclub at yahoo dot com

alli said...

I signed up for the newsletter!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

alli said...

I'm a fan of Ecostore on Facebook now! (Alli Tsao)
northssclub at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...
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kiramatali shah said...
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