Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shark’s Cove


Most tourists who snorkel on Oahu, snorkel at Hanauma Bay. Yes, its beautiful and yes, it is close to Waikiki, but its also incredibly crowded and seems to take on more of a theme park atmosphere than a tranquil fish observing adventure. If you are looking for a better place to snorkel, check out Shark’s Cove.

Shark’s Cove is located on the North Shore near Waimea Bay. It is part of Pupukea Beach Park. Because of its North Shore location, the waves can get very large in the winter and it is not recommended that you snorkel here from October to March. In the summer, however, the surf is usually flat as a pancake and Shark’s Cove is the place to be if you want to swim with the fishies.

We saw a wide variety of fish during our visit and I have read that sea turtles frequent the area as well. The entrance to the cove is rocky so if you have water shoes, wear them. If not. plop your flip flops down as close to the water as you can (be aware of the tide), get your fins on and waddle your way in. There is a very shallow tide pool area that would be great for kids to snorkel (supervised of course) through. The further out you go, the deep the water gets and the stronger the current becomes.


I saw locals jumping off the rocks and into the ocean just outside the cove. It looked like alot of fun but you really need to know how to read the water if you are going to attempt it.

August 0911

We were at Shark’s Cove on a weekend in August so we were definitely not alone but once I got in the water and started exploring the cove, I might as well had been.  There was plenty of room for everyone. If you would like more information on Shark’s Cove click here.



Angela & Albert Fontenot said...

Oh wow! It looks so beautiful!!!! I am wayyyy jealous!

Terri said...

Beautiful! We went snorkeling in Maui when we were there. Saw the BIGGEST sea turtles!! Absolutely AMAZING!!

debi9kids said...

Oh how breath-taking these photos are! It looks just beautiful.

Helene said...

It looks beautiful!!!! We went to Hunoma Bay when we were in Hawaii years ago and it was awesome but yes very crowded and the long walk up and down the hill didn't help!!

If we are ever lucky enough to get to Hawai again, I'll be sure to check out this cove!