Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you Trekaroo?

Last month I came across a new website that I absolutely love called Trekaroo. Its a website where you can get honest reviews from parents and activities and hotels from a family friendly perspective. Kind of like Trip Advisor but for families. I LOVE IT!!!! Why? Because they have this little feature where you can set up your own passport and keep track of all the things you have done with your family. I became a tad obsessed and spent hours checking off places we have been and writing reviews for said places. It is so much fun!

Now I am creating lists of places I want to go based on other people’s reviews.  You can add new places to the list if they aren’t on there and you think they should be. Some states are more complete than others so if your state is lacking in activities, go on and start adding places. You might become a Superoo in 2011.

I am proud to be one of 2010’s Superoos.
Yes, thats right, I have spent so much time on that website in the past month reviewing and   commenting that I have been chosen to become on of the elite Superoos! Why is being a Superoo so great?Well one reason is Superoos  have exclusive access to complimentary or heavily discounted hotel stays, attractions, and travel products that businesses want Superoos to review. 

I highly encourage you all to start making your own passports (mine is here) and to start turning to Trekaroo when you are planning an outing. It is truly one of my new favorite websites.


Helene said...

Oooooh, that sounds good! I'm off to check it out now!

Helene said...

I just signed's the best site! I could spend hours there reading the reviews! Thanks for sharing I know where to go next time we're trying to plan a trip.