Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halloween in December

Well I told you it would happen. I am finally posting my Halloween pictures in December. Why? Well I spent Halloween down in Orange County looking for a place to live! It was extremely warm that week and felt nothing like Halloween but the night finally arrived and it was time to put on the warm and furry costumes that I had bought before I found out I was making a last minute trip to Southern California I thought it would be cute for them to be a kitty and a puppy. The only kitty costume I could find for Mari that didn't cost a small fortune was a pink leopard. Kinda cheesy but she looked cute even though she refused to wear the ears. Ben had an adorable dog costume in size 2-3T. Well evidentally he is taller than a 2-3 year old because the dang thing wouldn't fit! Great. It was 6PM on Halloween night. I had no costume for Ben. We scrambled looking around my aunt's house for something for him to wear but all she had was an adult sized basketball jersey and tiny hat. So off I went to Target in a mad desperation to find something, anything. And guess what happened to be the only boy costume they had left in the 3-4T size? A dog! Now I bet you are thinking that I lucked out. Well in theory I did. Unfortunately this costume happened to be an extremely warm and snuggly costume. Something you could wear in cold weather. We were in tank tops and sweating at 7:00 at night! Poor Ben was forced to sweat in the puppy costume. I stripped him down to a diaper so the suffering would be as minimal as possible but lets just say the boy was not pleased. We went up and down my aunt's street with our happy kitty and very miserable puppy. He wanted to be carried and he wanted to put forth no effort in the candy earning process. But who could blame him?

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Anyhow, I promise to make up for this year's half ass Halloween next year. After all, it is one of my favorite days of the year!


Bre said...

Well, Payten loves Mari's cheesy pink leopard costume. Since that's the exact same costume she had last year herself! :o)

Terri said...

They are extremely cute!

Christy said...

very cute! Poor Ben though... having to sweat just to get a few treats! Love the kitty costume! great post... even if it is a little late!

debi9kids said...

That is quite possibly the most reluctant puppy I have ever seen! Poor Ben!

ps Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me when I need it! LOVE you!

Tonya Staab said...

Oh Ben, poor puppy.