Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Days Life's a Fairytale

I don't miss Sacramento. Sorry all you Sacramento fans out there but it wasn't for me. There are a few things in Sacramento that I do miss. Dos Coyotes Border Cafe. That restaurant holds a very special place in my stomach. Whenever I come back up for a visit you better believe I will be waiting in line for my Ranchero Burrito. Chico's tacos.  Still the best shredded beef tacos I have ever had.  Driving over the river in fall. It really is so pretty see tree tops of all different colors edging the river below. And Fairytale Town. A Sacramento institution that is truly the perfect place to take a toddler.

We went to Fairytale Town with Auntie Chrissy one last time before the big move.  The kids hadn't been in a year and I wanted to take them back since they are big two year olds now.  Fairytale Town brings nursery rhymes and fairy tales to life with farm animals, play structures, and plenty of whimsical scenery. Everything is detailed to delight the toddler eye, right down to the hippo drinking fountain.

October 200816

You want Three Little Pigs? They actually have three little pigs. You want Mary's Little Lamb? Well I do believe we spotted her (though I don't think she is quite so little anymore).

October 2008 613

If you want to run under the Little Old Lady's Shoe, sail in Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, ride in Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach, climb through the Giant's foot on your way to slide down the Beanstalk, or help Jack and Jill fetch a pail of water, you can do it at Fairytale Town.

October 200817

Whether its you find yourself sliding down the slide at Farmer Brown's Barn

Clayton Pumpkin Patch4

or playing peek-a-boo in the Crooked House at the end of the Crooked Mile,


I guarantee a wonderful day will be had by all those young at heart.


Bre said...

mmmm....shredded beef yummy! I was distracted reading the rest of your post for the hankering I now have for flippin tacos :o) Again, a very cool place for kiddos!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, now I want a taco, too. You can get plenty of authentic Mexican food in Orange county, luckily... I miss Fairytale Town really was the perfect place to take a toddler, and so cheap too! I wish there was something like that here...