Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pray your hearts out PLEASE

Yesterday I received a phone call that absolutely terrified me. It was my dear friend JK, crying. Of course the worst went through my mind and then I was told words that left me in shock. Tuesday has another tumor.  A little over a week ago we were all celebrating Tuesday's no evidence of disease clearance. And now, as quick as lightening, she has another tumor.  She had a 2cm by 2 cm calcified spot in her abdomen after all chemo and the scans. Everything came back clear.  But then something wasn't right.  Tuesday started having horrible pain in her abdomen. On Christmas Eve they took her to the ER and they thought maybe she had a bowel obstruction. They did xrays and nothing was there. Then they decided it was her bowels telescoping which is common after major abdominal surgery in little ones. But JK knew it was something else. Yesterday they did a CT Scan. the 2x2 "calicified" spot was now a 9x7 mass. It is growing rapidly. It is cancer.  The drs are all stunned. How could this happen? For a cancer to grow so quickly after 5 rounds of chemo is unheard of. They currently have no clear treament plan. They sent her home yesterday with a bunch of pain meds and are taking the weekend to confer with drs around the country on the matter and create a game plan. Monday she will have a PET Scan and a consult and hopefully they will come up with a plan on how to beat this. There will be no stem cell transplant at this time.  We were all gearing up for that endeavor but I guess God has another battle in mind first. I am not going to lie, the odds are highly stacked against her. This is why it is so important that you pray.  Let God be flooded with all of our voices asking for him to help Tuesday. Tuesday has been such an inspiration for so many. She has brought God back into many lives who had pushed him away.  Her family needs strength and she needs to beat this. For all of us. Please pray for Tuesday.


debi9kids said...

You are such a beautiful and faithful friend.
I am praying constantly and will not stop.
Tuesday has my heart.
Stay faithful Shar.
Tuesday is strong and she can do this.
I love you Shar :)

Anne said...

Tuesday is in my prayers....wishing all the best for her and her family.

Anonymous said...

Hi you don't know me but I know Erin and she asked that everyone pray for her via her facebook. I have 2 little boys and will pray from a mother's heart. God bless!

Anna Desuyo

Terri said...

I am praying my heart out! I will not stop until this is all over! Tuesday is on my mind non stop! She is a fighter!

L I S A said...

Been praying, will continue praying. So stunned and devastated, but we'll get thru it!

Christy said...

I'm putting this beautifully written words on my blog. I hope that's ok? I just want to spread the word about tuesday and you have such a wonderful way with words!

Of course I am praying my heart out for little Tuesday!!!

Jen said...

Just over from Christy C's blog....

We are continuing to pray for little Tuesday. She is a strong girl & I know she can beat this. I'll be praying for strength for her entire family as well.