Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesdays for Tuesday

We have a plan! Well the drs have a plan and we think its a good one. Tuesday is going to start chemo/radiation to shrink the tumor. It will be outpatient so that means she will be in the hospital for half the day and then home where she belongs. The radiologist is pretty confident he can shrink that tumor down to a small enough size for surgery or even shrink it completely. Then they are going to NYC. They have the top neuroblastoma hospital in the country there and they are anxiously waiting Tuesday's arrival. If she needs surgery, the top surgeon in the country will be there to perform it. And then she will start antibody therapy. They do this instead of the stem cell transplant and it seems like a better course of action in Tuesday's case. The good news is that they have had success in cases just like Tuesdays. There is real hope now. The family is in much better spirits with a plan in place and we all feel confident that Tuesday will fight and win. I asked JK if there was anything else besides praying that we could all do. She said "send the hands." She really wants to have that whole room covered in everyone's hands traced with messages for Tuesday. So please send me your hands. Or email me and if I know you personally I will give you their address to send them directly. Lets cover every square inch of that hospital room with our hands. All it takes is a little time and it would mean the world to her family. Trace the hands of everyone in your family. Have your children get the hands traced of all the kids in their classrooms. Lets bombard them with hands! Just think of how beautiful it will be and how much faith and strength it will give them!

Now there is the issue of the cost of going to NYC. We all know its incredibly expensive. Luckily a dear friend of ours has offered up her home and she only lives 20 minutes from NYC by train. So that is amazingly generous and an incredible gift. But they are still going to have to pay to park, ride the train, eat, etc. And it adds up quick. So I need your help. I am not asking for money (though if you have any to spare it would be wonderful). I am asking for ideas. I need ideas of ways to raise money. Ideas that will work.  My brain is pretty much fried so I need some help coming up with great ideas. Tuesday's family has so much to worry about, I want to be able to take away one of the stresses.  Please put on your thinking caps and help me figure out a way to help this family!

Tuesday all clean


Terri said...

Great post Shar! I am praying and will try to think of a fundraiser fro TuTu!

debi9kids said...

I know we will come up with something. I am confident.

Brandi said...

God will provide! Someone amongst this blog world will have the right idea. And the money will come!

debi9kids said...

PS Giving your blog an award on my Debi Says post today :)