Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 2 of Daddy's Big Adventure

Day 2

The kid's are still alive so I must be doing something right. It turns out that if you feed them and don't let them sit in poop you've pretty much met their basic needs. If only Sharlene was this easy, but I digress...

So last night as I was dozing off with little Drumstick peanuts stuck in my teeth I formulated my plan for Day 2 and it went pretty much as planned. We all woke up around 7:30 and decided that we had a healthy appetite for grapes again. This was followed by some yogurt before we got dressed and went to the gym so daddy could play racquetball while the kids played in the gym's daycare. Unfortunately my partner had a bum elbow and we were only able to play for an hour and since I noticed there were people playing basketball I thought I'd sneak over and tell the daycare people where I would be and go play. Unfortunately Ben had some kind of freaky radar and was sitting at the door when I got there, saw me, and started crying when I told him I'd be back. I would have still left but this was one of those really pathetic, eyes closing to force the tears out, super-sad little kid cries so the day at the gym came to an abrupt halt.

When we got home we assembled in front in the dining room and had a sit down about our plans for the rest of the day. Fortunately they agreed that 11:30 was nap time and God bless their little hearts they slept for three hours while I showered, watch a movie, and snuck in a nap of my own. Once they got up we hauled ass to the Post Office to mail in a rebate that I ingeniously decided to put off until the final day, came home, and had the exact same dinner as last night...Grilled Cheese and Minneolas.

Pretty boring so far right? You're probably wishing I hadn't bothered with all of this mundane detail but you will be rewarded. By what? By my ungrateful wife calling me to check in and then telling me that I, "needed to give them more variety for dinner." Oh thanks pumpkin, I'll keep that in mind while you're vacationing in the Rockies. No I'm kidding, but seriously was that necessary? As women you have to understand that if the kids are fed and there is some fruit and/or vegetable included it's generally considered a success.

Anyways, Sharlene apologized profusely (don't let her tell you otherwise) and spent the rest of our conversation praising my culinary skills. As a result we've decided to make Grilled Cheese and Minneolas a Saturday staple.

Alright, so I'm starting to bore myself so I'm gonna wrap this up. I'm gonna pass on posting on Day 3 simply because I don't really have any trips planned besides maybe going to the park. My plan is to try to take it easy so when my work week starts I won't be too wiped out.

Take care guys.


Terri said...

Love it! Amazing though, how you are taking it easy so you won't be tired for the work week. When do we mommy's get that luxary? Ok, just kidding (kinda). Glad things are going well! hang in there. She will be home soon!! You are a good man/husband/daddy

Alisha said...

AWESOME! You know this post just made my whole day!

Jenn H said...

You're doing good!! Hope the munchkins (ok, you have tall kids, sooooo not munchkins, but you KWIM!) are being extra good today!

L I S A said...

I'm not saying we don't miss Shar, but you are doing a bang up job in her absence. I hope you'll come back and do more guest starring posts. I've thoroughly enjoyed them and so did Mike.

Anonymous said...

I am loving these "guest blog posts" by Daddy! I'm still waiting for Ming La to post a blog, let her know...something pai gow poker, related. Twins' first trip to the casino, or something... Looking forward to seeing you guys in a month or so!