Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Opening Ceremonies

olympic rings

It only happens once every four years. And this is the first time it has happened during Ben and Mari's lifetime.  The Summer Olympics have begun! The Olympics are a huge deal in our house. I spent the past few days counting down towards opening ceremonies and marching around humming the Olympic song. By Friday I was overflowing with excitement. The Olympics were finally here!

There has been plenty of controversy over China holding the Olympics. There has been talk of boycott and alot of protest. While I find China's human rights violations atrocious and many of their actions highly disturbing, I don't think the Olympics are the proper place for protest. The young athletes who have worked their entire lives for this moment deserve to be able to represent their countries and chase their dreams without a climate of hostility and political unrest. The Olympics are not about politics. They are about unity. And those who use them as a political platform really irritate the heck out of me.  Okay- end of my rant.

In honor of the Olympics being held in China I opted to go pick up some Chinese food for dinner.  The kids especially enjoyed the chow mein  because it was fun to eat the noodles. Ben even offered some up to our cat Meow Meow (who also goes by the alias Ming La but that is neither here nor there).

August 2008 135

August 2008 136

August 2008 139

After dinner we gave the kids a bath (because they and everything around them was covered in Chinese food) and then Daddy decided we needed to do a torch run. I had made torches out of a wrapping paper roll, tissue paper, and duct tape earlier in the day. It must be said that Ben did have his own form of Olympic protest when he was being dried off after his bath. Pee and poop all over the floor. Paul swears Ben mumbled something about Tibet while doing it. Did Ben not listen to my rant about Olympic protest? Daddy passed the torches off to his athletes and they happily ran around the house sans clothing. We even had a bit of a torch jousting occur.

August 2008 144

August 2008 146

August 2008 150

After the jousting we decided we better get the kids dressed before another "protest" occurred.  They did some more torch relaying and then they tested out wearing the Olympic gold medal. Mari was happy to try it on for size and then passed it on to Ben who tested the gold for authenticity.

August 2008 156

August 2008 157

August 2008 162

August 2008 164

August 2008 159

Finally we settled in and watched the opening ceremonies. The kids only got to watch a small portion before it was bedtime but at least they got their first taste of Olympic fever.

August 2008 168

I found the ceremonies to absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. By far the best I have ever seen. The amount of people and planning that went into that ceremony was incredibly impressive. Much of the precision was a tad intimidating but so much of what they chose to do was truly amazing.

In the coming days we plan on having our own Olympic events for the kids.  Fun events such as the Daddy rodeo, ball toss, and race around the house. I hope those of you with children will encourage them to embrace the spirit of the Olympics and  get out there and have some healthy competitions of their own. Embrace these summer games for all they are. And route your hearts out for Team USA! 


The jones Family said...

I LOVE this! The torch, the medal, the are such a fun mama!!

debi9kids said...

Great post Shar!
Love that you are so into te Olympics! Way to show some spirit!

Jenn H said...

USA, USA, USA!!!! What a great post, LOVED it!!! We're hooked on it here, I just realized that for four of my children this is their first olympics, that is crazy, LOL!!! We also had Chinese yesterday to enjoy the first competitions with.

Terri said...

Love the torches! You are awesome!

Bre said...

That is so clever!!!! Mari looks to be the happiest girl in the world while holding her torch way up high :o)

Unknown said...

I love that you create activities to help the twins experience The Olympics. For the next Summer Olympics you will have to think of activities for both of our kids (heck hopefully I may have to tap into that brain of yours for newborn events for the Winter Olympics!).

Debbie Moore said...

Love it!! The kids are so darn cute!

The Corradetti Clan said...

Shar, You are truly amazing. I love the oplympics but I an not craft you. Keep the great post coming. Looking forward to the results of the Mari and Ben games!

Shannon said...

Love it, Shar! I think its great that you are passing on your enthusiasm for the Olympics (among other things) to your kids! Great job, mama!

Jane said...

Such a funny post! Loved Ben's "protest" and the Tibet comment! LOL. Love the torches, too. Good idea! (Thinking of stealing it....)

The Romero-Schroeder said...

I love the Plympics spirit! you come up with the most entreteaining stuff