Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not so wordless Wednesday

I didn't get my big Disneyland post done today like I was hoping. Mostly because I am so freaking exhausted. Stupid Olympics are keeping me up to all hours of the night! I officially hate NBC for putting me in this position. I have to watch Michael Phelps win his 403rd Olympic Gold and there is no way I am not going to watch the gymnastics. So what do they do? Put them at the end of the broadcast. Those jerks. Don't they know I have two small children to take care of that aren't big into sleeping in? And then they have the audacity to call it live. It isn't live at all. It is 3 hours delayed because it was live on the East Coast. Why do they have to delay it? We would all happily watch it at 8PM instead of 11. But no.  All they care about is getting good ratings in the 11PM time slot. So we are forced to stay up and compromise our sanity the next morning. I bet you there has been a rise in car accidents from all the super tired people driving off the road. I bet there has also been a rise in kids watching morning cartoons and eating pop tarts instead of being engaged by their half dead mothers and fed a more nutritious meal.  They could put the synchronized diving at the end of the telecast. I would be okay zipping through that on Tivo the next day. But no. Instead, they torture us.  Fun fact: "Its really important in synchronized diving for teammates to train together in the same facility." That is per the brain surgeon of an announcer for NBC. Amazing stuff huh?

And don't get me started on the fact that the Chinese are a bunch of cheaters.  If they think they are fooling anyone by saying those gymnasts were all at least 16 they have another thing coming. Yes we know that the Asian culture has those wonderful genes that often make them look younger than they actually are but come on! These girls were barely 70lbs. And they were like 4'6"!!!!! Mari is almost that tall. Who do you think you are kidding China?

Finally, I know it is Thursday and I am just getting my Wednesday posted done  but I have a good excuse.  As I was typing this lovely rant Paul started screaming for my help. Mari had ripped off her diaper, took a massive poop, and then her and Ben proceeded to play in it and smear it all over our table and the carpet. It was everywhere. We cleaned the kids off (screaming "Naughty!" at them about 450 times) and then locked them in my room while we picked up what we could. Then Paul had to go get our steam cleaner from his uncle across town so we could get all the residual poop out of the carpet. Thank God for that steam cleaner. One of the best purchases we have made as of late. Why do kids think it is fun to play with poo? Really. I mean it smells so bad and is so foul. Unfortunately my kids tend to have a fascination with it and this is the card we have been dealt. It was one of those times that "double trouble" seems to describe them perfectly. I spared us all and did not take pictures of this particular incident. You're welcome.


Terri said...

LOOK, if we on the east coast have to watch it at 11pm, it is only fair if they delay for 3 hours on the West coast! lol

OH China and their gymnast. Such a sore subject in our house! No way are they a day over 13!! Which makes it even worse...Our experienced girls got stomped by a group of IN-experienced 13 year olds!! uuggghhh

Playing in poop! Oh the joys. The boys haven't done it yet, but Delaney had her fair share!!

Debbie Moore said...

OMG the POOP, that is the worst, I would have been so mad! I can not chime in on the Olympics, sadly I have not had a lot of time to watch, I try but, it does not seem to work, I need to TIVO them, I love the diving and gymnastics, although I did see some of the US and China in Gymnastics and saw how young some of them look, Wow!

Bre said...

I know....I say 8 years old...TOPS!!! Cheater cheaters!!! With all the drug testing going on they should test them for starting puberty or something. And last night I fell asleep watching the Olympics because they are on so late....dumb!

And OMG about the poop (gag reflex..uuggg..uggg) I would of just! Crossing every limb of my body except my legs, just because I can't right now, that poop art doesn't happen in my house.

Jenn H said...

The delay stinks!!! We should flood NBCs mail/email with disgruntled complaints!!! Eeeewwww on the poop, steam cleaners are the bomb, if you have kids you NEED one!! Their is no way that littlest Chinese gymnest is even a teenager. Did you here the announcer call her the little girls on the end when they were given the team gold medals? HAHA!

L I S A said...

Ewwwwww, although I do wish there were pictures. Ugh, I don't know what I'd do. Seriously, when they used to poop thru their onesies, I used to throw it away. Can't exactly throw away carpet. I just hope it never happens here b/c we'd have to move!

MamaBriggs said...

You mean you didn't snap a picture of the 2 of them playing in poop? Bad mommy!! LOL You crack me up, I agree with you on the whole olympic thing!!