Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't try this at home

Yesterday I attempted something a woman of average intelligence would never even think of doing. I took a couple of two year olds bridesmaid dress shopping. Yep. You guessed it. I was on drugs at the time. Thank you for noticing. In all seriousness, I had made plans with Chrissy (I am her matron of honor) to go dress shopping about a month ago and we scheduled it for Sunday because Paul doesn't work Sundays. Or so I thought. Paul had to work this particular Sunday to make up for the Saturday he took off for our trip to Southern California (which I will get back to blogging about soon I promise. ). Well we couldn't change plans because other people were involved in the dress shopping and we already had a reservation. So I brought my precious little angels. Silly, silly Mommy...

It started out okay enough. Chrissy took Ben to the REI next door to get him a ball to play with in the store. He was happy with the little stress ball he chose and we headed next door to David's Bridal. The kids thought it was super fun to run through the aisles of dresses screaming like monkeys while we waited for our dressing room.  I am sure the attendants didn't care for that much but as long as they were happy, we were happy.

August 2008 171

Then we got a room (or the cage as I called it) and kept the kids in there while we took turns getting dresses to try on. They were doing okay until about the end of hour one. Then fatigue and extreme boredom kicked in. Chrissy ran to the car to get sippy cups and goldfish crackers while her sister and I tried on dresses and tried to keep the kids from complete mental collapse.  God bless that woman. Here are two of the dresses we tried on. I like the second one the best. Now keep in mind the dresses will be chocolate brown and not the color shown.

August 2008 170

August 2008 173

And here are the children quickly losing their minds.

August 2008 175

August 2008 177

Mari had been eyeing the little girl's dresses so Chrissy brought her a couple to try on. That was a big mistake. The child had a hissy fit when I put the flower girl dress on her. Complete meltdown. She wanted nothing to do with it.  Is it wrong that I found it all to be entertaining?

August 2008 179

Luckily she came back down from her hysteria once I got her out of her dress and she got a view of how beautiful her Auntie Chrissy looked in her dress.

August 2008 186

August 2008 188

Alas- the calm was short lived. Ben had really no real interest in how pretty people where looking. He only cared about his ball and his one man mission to throw it in every single corner of the store. When he was not permitted to take the path he wished to take, a kicking and screaming fit would follow. Mari decided she no longer would stay in the dressing room area and repeatedly tried to make her escape. I repeatedly tried to offer my children to strangers inside the store but had no takers. I was so embarrassed. My little ones were the kids that people whisper about. The kids that young brides to be without children claim their future little ones will never be. In all actuality they were probably nice forms of birth control for a few of those brides to be. And who can blame them? It was not the twins most shining moment. Finally as I was about to pull each individual strand of hair out of my head we decided enough was enough. We go the kids fed, took them to Toys R Us for a free for all run through the store and let them pass out in the car for the long ride home. Oh how I wish I could have passed out at that point.  I have a feeling age two is going to be full of moments like that one.  Please pray for my sanity.


Jenn H said...

LOL, yes I can pretty much promise the twos will be full of moments like those, oh and for us and most people I know, the threes are even better (worse), (can you tell I've had a BAD day with Noah???). I also like the second one the best, and rich chocolate brown is going to be gorgeous with you coloring. You looked gorgeous in both and Chrissy dress was amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

I think it should be pointed out that the appointment was an hour from your house at their usual nap time. Not at all good conditions for the poor little ones. I think they fared very well for the timeframe. We all know how cranky I get when I don't get sleep at my usual time....

I have to agree that it was funny getting the dress on Mari. I found the two dresses closest to her size and she smiled big and handed them to Shar (the girl loves fashion and shoes!). We thought she was going to LOVE trying on the pouffy dress, but noooooo, she screamed like we were attacking her. Our natural response was not to take the dress off, but get pics. I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I had been there! Good times, in a bridal shop with 2 toddlers...ahhh. Considering the circumstances I think they did ok in the store! I want to see Chrissy's dress in person! I do like the 2nd ruffly dress you guys tried on...!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

I like the second dress too!!!!!!!

debi9kids said...

Shar, You are a mad woman! LOL
I think you look just GORGEOUS in both dresses, but the second one looks FABULOUS with Chrissy's gown!
Poor Mari! I think she was crying because of that age-old addage... always a flower girl, never the bride ;)

Sheri said...

You are insane!!! But I think we already knew that. I definately like the 2nd one more. If that is Chrissy's dress she had on, then it matches hers better. Chocolate brown will be nice too.

Jenn H said...

Hey you, I just tagged you on my blog!