Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesdays for Tuesday

This week Tuesday has shown some progress.  As of yesterday, she  has been taken off the oscillator (a more powerful ventilator) and put on a conventional ventilator. Yes.. she's still on a vent but this is HUGE! The doctors are hoping to get her off the vent all together soon! Please pray this happens so that she can be off the vent before she does her 2nd round of chemo which will be hopefully be around the 17th. Tuesday has  started to pass fluids and have poopy diapers which is a great sign as well. I have never been so happy to hear about poop.  The large tumor in her abdomen is starting to die off in places which is also fantastic because that means it is responding to the chemo. These are all great things but we must remember that this little girl is still very sick and has a very long road ahead of her. Please keep those prayers coming. They seem to be keeping her on the right path.

I will be going out this Saturday night to help Tuesday's family and coming back Wednesday. By far the longest I have ever been away from my own babies. I will miss them like crazy but I can't think of a better reason to be away.  During that time I am not sure I will have any time to update but I will let you all know about my visit as soon as I can.

Please go to JK's blog, Go Blog Yourself, and send a prayer their way. She has asked for people to come send prayers in the comment section of her blog every Tuesday. I think this is a GREAT way to show your support and let the entire family know how many people, including strangers, are praying for their little girl.

Please don't forget that you can really help this family by clicking the donate button on the right. Every little bit helps so even $5 would make a difference (they live 45 minutes from the hospital so the gas expense is incredible) and don't forget that you receive one entry to win that BEAUTIFUL handmade bracelet for every $5 you donate!
Also remember that if you buy ANY product off of the cafepress site set up for Tuesday that you will be entered to win that GORGEOUS tutu! Remember that ALL profits made from that site go directly to Tuesday's family.

Well that is all for now.  Hopefully these little steps forward will continue because it is so hard for JK and her family to see their little girl in this state. Progress, no matter how small, gives them hope and strengthens their faith in God.  I ask that you pray for strength for JK and Tuesday. And lets hope that this time next week she will be on no ventilator at all!


Terri said...

praying, praying, praying!!

Jenn H said...

Praying. Any steps, even baby ones, are wonderful and so important!

debi9kids said...

Shar, wonderful post.
Always praying here.

Sheri said...

I know that you will miss your kids like crazy,but your visit to JK will be so appreciated by her.
We are always praying here!!!!