Thursday, August 14, 2008

6 Unspectacular Things About Me

Jenn has tagged me to do this
6 UN-spectacular Things About Me
As with everything in life there are rules:
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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Now this is going to be tough because everything about me is pretty darn spectacular but I shall try...

1. I love costumes. I would totally buy a million period pieces if I could afford to. None of that polyester costume store crap either. I want authenticity. I am such a sucker for any place in which people dress up in costumes and act like they are living in that time period.
2. I am obsessed with learning about small religious groups such as the Amish, FLDS, and Shakers. I have spent hours of my life reading about them online. I have a  fascination about life so different from my own taking place in the very same country I live in. I think it also helps that have wear interesting clothes. It all goes back to costumes now doesn't it?
3. I hate skin touching skin while I am trying to sleep. I am all for cuddling but once I am ready for actual sleeping don't touch me. I can't even have my bare legs touching each other so I have to shove a blanket or a pillow in between them. I also can't have any blankets tucked in. Oh and I hate sheets. And I have convinced Paul over the years to sleep with separate blankets because that assures that nothing will touch me. I also don't like the air pocket created by sharing of blankets.  I guess what I am trying to say is I need my space while sleeping...
4. When I was eight or nine I thought I would try to trick my extended family on Easter by telling them I was not Sharlene. I was her identical twin cousin Jennifer from Columbus, Ohio. I truly thought this would work if my parents and brother played along with it. I just kept telling them Sharlene was visiting Jennifer's family and vice versa. I did not give up trying to convince the others all day. I refused to respond to Sharlene and only responded to Jennifer. I still hear about this every holiday. I am often asked if I am Jennifer or Sharlene and when I am being extremely weird (which is often)  I am told to "stop being a Jennifer".
5. I hate mayo with such unbridled passion that its absurd. I am generally not a picky person I will absolutely NOT eat a sandwich that has mayo on it. I don't care if you wipe of the bread or the meat. It was once there. The filthy mayo germs have crossed the barriers. Looking at it makes me physically ill. I can eat stuff with mayo in it such as dips as long as I don't see it go in and can't taste it. I will not make recipes that require mayo. It truly sickens me that this is even a food product.
6. My current dream job is to either be a travel writer or have my family star in its own travel show about traveling with children. We could go all over the place and experience the world and inspire others to do the same. If anyone knows someone who might be able to make this happen, you know where I am.

I am tagging:

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4. Mashel

5. Shannon B

6. Jane


Jenn H said...

Love period costumes too, hate mayo, like my space when I sleep (though not to quite that extent), and how funny that your twin's name is Jennifer, LOL!!! I think you guys would make an awesome travel show, start pitching it to TLC, Discoverey, National Geographic Channel, etc., I'd watch it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharlene. I don't have a travel show, but I DO have a travel web site:

We review family friendly accommodations worldwide and you are very welcome to write a few while you're waiting for your dream gig...

Check us out.


Anonymous said...

I also hate mayo and don't want to be touched when I sleep - but I'm not so into dress up...take that how you will!

The Broken Man said...

I got tagged for this one too a couple of days ago! I am so rubbish at these things - oyurs are far better than mine.

The Broken Man

debi9kids said...

LOL Love the costumes! Now that explains why ben was dressed as Abrahm Lincoln way back when! haha

I hate may and sheets as well!

Jennifer, huh? Good to remember...for later....

Christy said...

as always, you have me in stiches! ah ha! Now I know how to get even with ya if you get my kids dirty... I will bribe paul to take your blankets and smother you with skin to skin contact! LOL
You have to visit NEW SALEM, IL. You would love it. It is Lincoln's hometown and they dress up in the time period, shoot guns off, bake stuff, make things... I have to admit, it is pretty cool! Hope you get your TV show...
also, I share your distaste of mayo. to me it is gelatinous LARD!