Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

In exactly four days and nineteen hours the moment our household has been waiting for will arrive. The NFL season will have officially start. To say that football rules our house would be a major understatement. My husband lives, breathes, eats,  and sleeps football. I have never met anyone more obsessed with the NFL. If you think your husband is, I dare you to bring on the challenge. Does your husband watch the 1985 preseason game between the Dolphins and the Colts during the off  season just because? Does he spend countless hours rehashing moments of games past and is he quite possibly what keeps the NFL channel on the air during the off season? Does he read the news online and suddenly let out a gasp that makes you think a plane has crashed or  a baby was snatched only to tell you that some obscure 3rd string tight end has been cut? My husband does. Lucky for him he has a wife who loves the game. I know more about football than any other woman I know and more than most men I know. Alot of it is absorbed by just being in the same room as the encyclopedia of football information that is Paul and alot of it is because I watch so much football that I have probably reached unhealthy levels. If an NFL game is on, I have to watch it. I don't care who is playing. I love the game.

We are die hard 49er fans in this house. Our children don't get an option, they will love the 9ers or they will have to sleep outside. From the time they were newborns they have been shrouded in 49ers garb.

february 2007 048

february 2007 049

They will be taught to love and embrace the team and hopefully sometime in their childhood, the 49ers will actually be a team to get excited about! We have been in what I like to call a "slump" for some time now. Paul takes the glass is half full approach and every year thinks they are going to perform better than expected and every year he gets crushed. I take the don't expect much and be pleasantly surprised if they do anything remotely impressive approach. I find it helps keep my blood pressure down.

This year was the second year we took the kids to 49er training camp. We used to be season ticket holders but two little munchkins put an end to that. Now that money goes to diapers and that time is spent in front of the tv. Lucky for us, training camp is free! Its a chance to get an up close view of your team and see what the future season may hold. Kids (or Paul) can try their hands at throwing passes, kicking field goals, or getting an autograph from their favorite player.  Its a nice way to spend the afternoon and get pumped up about the upcoming season

Here are a couple shots of us last year. The first is of the kids and the 49er cheerleaders:


The next two are of the kids enjoying the practice.



And here are us and the kids with our trophy:



And this is this year:

August 2008 057

August 2008 058

August 2008 098

August 2008 094

Why must they grow up so fast?

Check out where your favorite teams have their training. It might be near you! It may be too late to go to football training this year but baseball spring training is only a couple seasons away and would be a great way to spend time as a family and introduce your children to the sport. Who knows, you might learn something too and ignite a passion that you never knew you had!


Jenn H said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Can't wait for football!!!!!! Too stinking cute all those pictures of your darling duo in 49ers gear!!! Oh how I wish I was close enough to have gone to my teams training camp!!

Jason said...

Of course what Jenn failed to mention is that her team is one of the reasons why the 49ers will never make the playoffs again.

Go Seahawks!

debi9kids said...

Oh yes, something tells me that trying to get to Patriots training camp might be difficult for me (and there is no way I would want to see Brett Farve, aka traitor, playing with the Jets)
Cute pics Shar! Loved their chubby cheeks waaaaay back when! So cute!

Hmmm, you think my team will get to the Super Bowl again???? LOL

Shannon said...

So cool! And LMAO about the baby-as-football pic, that is hilarious!

I had no idea about the training camps, how fun! We're more into college football here (Michigan Wolverines). Too bad they're not looking so good this year, sigh....

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG you sure are FANS

Debbie Moore said...

Look at the difference from last year to this year, WOW, big kids!

Anonymous said...

I need to try on Mazzy's 49er cheerleader outfit and see if it still fits! Possible Halloween costume...
(PS, I like the 'word' verification on these things...since when was 'rlibtd' a word?!??)